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aleph data search

A toolkit for data search, management and anlaysis in investigative reporting. Developed by @occrp and many others.


  1. aleph Public

    Search and browse documents and data; find the people and companies you look for.

    JavaScript 1.7k 245

  2. Data model and processing tools for investigative entity data

    Python 161 38

  3. alephclient Public

    API client for Aleph, supports bulk entity and document upload.

    Python 20 9

  4. ingest-file Public

    Ingestors extract the contents of mixed unstructured documents into structured (followthemoney) data.

    Python 42 21

  5. docs Public

    GitHub mirror of the GitBook documentation

    6 11

  6. Common interface definitions for aleph toolkit services and applications

    Python 6 2



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