Async mtproto proxy for Telegram
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Async MTProto Proxy

Fast and simple to setup mtproto proxy.

Starting Up

  1. git clone -b stable; cd mtprotoproxy
  2. (optional, recommended) edit, set PORT, USERS and AD_TAG
  3. docker-compose up --build -d (or just python3 if you don't like docker)
  4. (optional, shows telegram link to set the proxy) docker-compose logs

Channel Advertising

To advertise a channel get a tag from @MTProxybot and write it to


The proxy performance should be enough to comfortably serve about 4 000 simultaneous users on the VDS instance with 1 CPU core and 1024MB RAM.

Advanced Usage

The proxy can be launched:

  • with a custom config: python3 [configfile]
  • several times, clients will be automaticaly balanced between instances
  • using PyPy interprteter
  • with runtime statistics exported for Prometheus: using prometheus branch