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Arma 3 After Action Replay Web Component

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Website component for the game server side addon for capturing unit movement and behaviour to a database for After Action Replays online.

No modifications to your missions required, nothing for clients to download.

Being built along side the addon component and automated tiler


An exact mirror of this repo can be viewed here which contains replays from ARK Group



Note: R3 is currently undergoing a big v1 data storage refactor read more

  1. Follow the step by step instructions on the addon repo and ensure you have mission event data in your database
  2. Download the latest web release
  3. Rename config.template.php to config.php, pay close attention to DB_*, WEB_PATH and timezone configurations
  4. Upload the files to your web server which matches the URL in WEB_PATH in config.php. Take note of /.htaccess in the download that may be hidden on your system before you upload.
  5. (linux specifc) give the cache directory permissions for your web-server user account:
chown www-data:www-data -R cache/

Important information to get the most from R3

  1. Make sure you enable gzip on your web server. If you don't your users will be sat waiting for the playback to load for a long time, and downloading 100s MBs each time. This is very important.

  2. Ensure your MySQL server timezone matches that of your server / R3 config. If they aren't the same, missions may incorrectly auto hide or fail to show as in progress.

Adding new Terrains

R3 supports over 115 popular terrains. Just played a mission on a map that R3 doesn't yet support? Feel free to add it yourself and let every user of R3 benefit from it! Follow the simple instructions here

Adding new vehicle icons

Is a modded vehicle using the vanilla map icon instead of the correct shape and outline for that mod? Submit new vehicle icons here, and every user of R3 will get access to it! Follow the simple instructions here

Getting help

You can find me (Titan) on the R3 Discord or feel free to create an issue here.

Why not x framework/language

In an ideal world I'd be using web sockets and node to stream from the game server straight to a flat json file, and to the browser. However the goal is to allow Arma 3 server admins to be able to run this and contribute. PHP + MySQL is the most common setup these administrators (with potentially limited sysadmin knowledge or sudo access) will have so it is the correct choice, as limiting as that can be!


Website component for R3. Check branches for latest dev updates





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