Adding new terrains

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R3 has an automated tiler which allows you to add new terrains that every user of R3 across all unit websites will immediately and automatically benefit from.

Generating the terrain .png

To extract the terrain's satellite imagery you must follow these steps exactly:

  1. Run Arma 3 as an admin (important as it writes the .emf to your C:/ drive).
  2. Load the editor and when you are on the terrain list (before the 3D editor appears) press CTRL + o to activate the 2D editor
  3. From the 2D editor start a new blank mission on your chosen terrain.
  4. Press Left Shift + Numpad Minus (-) then release and type EXPORTNOGRID blindly
  5. After you see a quick flash of black text and check your C:/ drive for a <terrainName>.emf file
  6. Move the .emf to somewhere other than C:/ root to avoid permission issues with the next step
  7. Drag and drop the .emf file onto this emf2png.exe. If you don't trust that .exe feel free to download a copy yourself from Bohemia Interactive here and find the EmfToPng.exe in Visitor 3 folder
  8. Upload the resulting .png file the tool creates to and leave the rest to us!

Additional enhancements - town labels

If you would like to enhance your terrain further, you can follow simple instructions to upload town labels to be overlaid on your map.