Adding new icons

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R3 has an automated vehicle icon colourizer which allows you to upload new vehicle icons that every user of R3 across all unit websites will immediately and automatically benefit from.

Generating the correct .png(s)

To extract the correct vehicle icon from the game files follow these steps:

  1. Find the vehicle in the 3D editor and after you have placed it right click -> view in config browser
  2. Look for the entry "icon" it will look something like this icon = "\A3\Drones_F\Air_F_Gamma\UAV_01\Data\UI\Map_UAV_01_CA.paa"; The key is the .paa file.
  3. Find the .pbo in the game files that contains this icon image. In the example above it would be in Drones_F.pbo.
  4. Extract the pbo with your favourite depbo tool, find the .paa in the extracted files.
  5. Upload the .paa file to and leave the rest to us!