Version 0.6.0

@alexjohnj alexjohnj released this Jul 2, 2015


  • Spotijack now uses an Audio Hijack Pro session called 'Spotijack' instead of
    one called 'Spotify'.
  • Added optional notifications when the current recording session finishes.
  • Added an option to disable shuffle when recording (on by default).
  • Added an option to disable repeat when recording (on by default).
  • Added a button to mute Spotify using Audio Hijack Pro.
  • Spotijack can now automatically check for and install updates.
  • Spotijack now has an icon!


  • Spotijack now offers to create an Audio Hijack Pro recording session on
    startup if one doesn't exist.
  • Spotify and Audio Hijack Pro windows are now hidden when Spotijack launches.
  • Spotijack will recognise if you end a recording through Audio Hijack Pro
    instead of through Spotijack.


  • Spotijack will no longer crash if Spotify or Audio Hijack pro can't be
    started on launch.
  • Fixed a bug where an empty audio file was generated by Audio Hijack Pro when
    starting the first recording session after launching.
  • Fixed a bug where, upon starting a second recording session after launching
    Spotijack, the first track's title and artist would be missing from the UI.
  • Fixed a load of potential crashes.