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a simple FIX Protocol client that can be controlled using Groovy script scenarios

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Simple FIX Client


Simple FIX Client (simplefixclient.jar) is a Spring Boot Java application that can be used to send predefined FIX messages to any FIX server.

Messages are controlled by scenarios using Domain Specific Language (based on Groovy).

FIX protocol functionality is based on QuickFIX/J open source library.

Warnings and Notices

This project is not supposed to be used for any real trading or any money sensitive production activity.

It is recommended solely as a testing tool to test and validate your FIX applications on QA/UAT environment and learn how FIX Protocol is working.

Requirements and Dependencies

Simple FIX Client requires Java 11 LTS or latest Java 14.

It is a Maven project (see pom.xml, file Apache Maven 3.6.3 is recommended) and depends on:

All dependencies are downloaded from Internet when you run mvn clean install.


Since project is a Spring Boot project, Spring Boot Maven build plugin is used to build the artifact.

To build Simple FIX Client run mvn clean install or mvn package or use package.bat in the project folder.

Resulting simplefixclient-<version>.jar JAR file will be created in target sub-folder.

This JAR file is a Spring Boot jumbo-JAR that contains all dependencies required to run the application.


Sample Groovy DSL scenario "Scenario1.groovy" is located in scenarios sub-folder.

You can pass any scenario as a startup parameter (without .groovy extension).

Start the application with Scenario1 as command line parameter using:

java -jar target/simplefixclient-<version>.jar Scenario1

or use mvn spring-boot:run command with Scenario1 as a parameter

or use startClient.bat or script (Scenario1 is set there).


Before opening project in Eclipse, run mvn eclipse:eclipse task in the project's folder. Maven will create Eclipse specific project files. Then import the project into your workspace as a Maven project.

To run project in Eclipse, use Maven task spring-boot:run.


For testing you can use quickfixj-examples-executor application that is distributed as a part of QuickFIX/J distribution package.

Or Simple FIX Executor can be used which is basically a Spring Boot wrapper around quickfixj-examples-executor application.

Simple FIX Client will use FIX 4.2 protocol and will try to access port 9878 at localhost (see. simplefixclient.cfg).