a simple FIX protocol client that can be controlled using Groovy script scenarios
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Simple FIX Client


Simple FIX Client (simplefixclient.jar) is a Java application that can be used to send predefined FIX messages to any FIX server.

Messages are controlled by scenarious using Domain Specific Language (based on Groovy).

FIX protocol communication is based on QuickFIX/J open source library.

Requirements and dependencies

Simple FIX Client requires Java 8. It is a Maven project (see pom.xml file) and depends on QuickFIX/J library ver. 2.0.0.


For testing you can use quickfixj-examples-executor application that is distributed as a part of QuickFIX/J distribution package.

Simple FIX Client will use FIX 4.2 protocol and will try to access port 9878 at localhost (see. simplefixclient.cfg).

Sample Groovy DSL scenario "Scenario1.groovy" is located in scenarios sub-folder.

You can pass any scenario as a startup parameter (without .groovy extension).