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cryptochassis commented Apr 14, 2021

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SWIG was used to create Python bindings for this library. Currently the procedure documented at isn't applicable for creating Python bindings on Windows. Modify the CMake files used in the build process to create successful Python bindings using MinGW (if you can also make it work for MSVC that will be

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neysofu commented Dec 29, 2020

Here's a list of the encoding types that I eventually wish to implement for Fasters:

  • tag-value
  • FAST
  • JSON (with serde-json)
  • Simple Binary Encoding, both LE and BE variants
  • Google protobufs (possibly prost)
  • FIXML (xml-rs or quick-xml)

The ASN.1 is very low on the priority list and it needs further evaluation before any work is done.

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