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Cookiecutter template for a Python package.

The boilerplate Python project that aims to create facility for maintaining of the package easily. It considering tools for building, testing and distribution.

Get Started

This template provides a basic structure for an idiomatic Python package with a convenient Makefile-facility and additional helpers.

Template can be configured using Cookiecutter's CLI or by altering parameters directly in cookiecutter.json.


There are a couple of tools for building, packaging, documentation and so on, that must be installed.

Main tools are:

  • GNU sed (brew install gnu-sed for macOS),
  • ack (optionally),
  • awk,
  • Docker,
  • Vagrant (optionally),
  • virtualenv at global level.

To check availability of main tools just type make.

Tools for documenting the package:

  • Sphinx package (sphinx-build, sphinx-apidoc),
  • MacTeX distribution (optionally; pdflatex CLI tool, fonts, styles – for rendering docs in PDF format).

To check availability of documentation tools type make doc.

Makefile Targets and Features

  • Compile Pip requirements from to requirements.txt:

    make requirements
  • Auto creation of virtual environment using requirements.txt and requirements-test.txt:

    make venv
  • Installing package into a virtual environment in so-called "development mode" and removing it later:

    # after `make venv`
    make install
    # (hard working here)
    make uninstall
  • Testing the package using PyTest:

    make check
  • Building and packaging:

    # Binary wheel distribution
    make dist
    # Build tarball with sources (source distribution)
    make sdist
  • Local docker statistics:

    # Display system-wide information
    # Show all images and containers
    # Same as `stats`, but more details provided
  • Build and run interactive containers:

    # Build image from scratch
    # Run temporary container in an interactive mode
  • Docker cleaners:

    # Clean dangling images
    # Clean built containers
    # Remove all unused images, built containers and volumes
  • Render project's documentation using Sphinx:

    make apidoc  # to create an API documentation
    make html
    # or
    make pdf
  • Managing Vagrant virtual machines:

    # Update the machine within current Vagrant environment
    make vagrant-update
    # Start and provision the Vagrant environment
    make vagrant-up
    # Connect to the machine via SSH as root
    make vagrant-ssh
    # Stop the machine
    make vagrant-halt
    # Stop and delete all traces of the machine
    make vagrant-destroy
  • GNU-style cleaners:

    # Clean the project's directrory (Python related caches)
    make clean
    # Clean the project's build output (Eggs, ditributions, builds)
    make distclean
    # Delete almost everything (including Vagrant data and virtual environment)
    make mostlyclean