💊 Algolia Search plugin for WordPress is a drop in replacement for WordPress search. It also provides an optional "as you type" auto-complete experience.
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Search by Algolia plugin for WordPress

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User documentation & guides

Looking for the user documentation? head over here!



The user documentation is generated with MetalSmith. To build the doc simply run make build from inside the ./docs directory. This will also make the documentation available on localhost:8080.

To contribute, simply edit the markdown formatted files located in docs/src/*.md

Release instructions

  1. Update CHANGELOG.md
  2. Update version number in package.json
  3. Update version number in docs/index.js
  4. Update version number (x2) in algolia.php
  5. Update changelog in README.txt
  6. Create a PR and merge it once it has been re-checked
  7. Create a release on GitHub
  8. Publish the docs cd docs && make release
  9. Switch to svn branch and run bin/publish.sh