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Keep your Mongoose schemas synced with Algolia

While this plugin was created by Algolia, it is not an officially supported API client. It is possible that future major versions of Mongoose break compatibility, or require changes.

This plugin will automatically synchronise your models with an Algolia index every time a new document is added, updated or removed.

You can also index your whole collection if you didn't use this plugin when you started using mongoose.

How to

Only supports mongoose v4

First install the library:

  • > yarn add mongoolia OR
  • > npm add mongoolia -S

Then you need to specify which fields of your schema you want to index with Algolia and register the plugin to your mongoose model created with this schema:

// ES6
import mongoose from 'mongoose';
import mongoolia from 'mongoolia';

// ES5
const mongoose = require('mongoose');
const mongoolia = require('mongoolia').default;

// Pass `{algoliaIndex: true}` to push theses attributes for indexing to Algolia
const BookSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  title: { type: String, required: true, algoliaIndex: true },
  author: { type: String, required: true, algoliaIndex: true },
  description: { type: String, required: true, algoliaIndex: true }

// Specify your Algolia credentials which you can find into your dashboard
BookSchema.plugin(mongoolia, {
  appId: 'xxxxx',
  apiKey: 'xxxx',
  indexName: 'xxxx'


Option name Type Description
appId* string The Algolia application ID
apiKey* string The Algolia admin API key
indexName* string The name of the index you want to push data


After applying the mongoolia plugin to your mongoose model it registers new static methods:

Model.syncWithAlgolia(): Promise

Index the whole collection into your Algolia index.

Model.clearAlgoliaIndex(): Promise

Clears your Algolia index and remove _algoliaObjectID from your documents.

Model.setAlgoliaIndexSettings(settings: {}, forwardToReplicas: boolean): Promise

Set one or more settings of the Algolia index, the full settings list is available here.

Model.algoliaSearch({ query: string, params?: {}, populate?: boolean }): Promise

Search into your Algolia index for a specific query. You can customize the search parameters as well.

You can find the full list of search parameters here, you should look for settings tagged with search.

The server response will look like:

  "hits": [
      "firstname": "Jimmie",
      "lastname": "Barninger",
      "objectID": "433",
      "_highlightResult": {
        "firstname": {
          "value": "<em>Jimmie</em>",
          "matchLevel": "partial"
        "lastname": {
          "value": "Barninger",
          "matchLevel": "none"
        "company": {
          "value": "California <em>Paint</em> & Wlpaper Str",
          "matchLevel": "partial"
  "page": 0,
  "nbHits": 1,
  "nbPages": 1,
  "hitsPerPage": 20,
  "processingTimeMS": 1,
  "query": "jimmie paint",
  "params": "query=jimmie+paint&attributesToRetrieve=firstname,lastname&hitsPerPage=50"