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Please follow

Allure RSpec Adaptor

Gem Version

Adaptor to use the Allure framework along with the RSpec. See an example project to take a quick tour.

What's new

See the releases tab.


Add the dependency to your Gemfile. Choose the version carefully:

  • 0.5.x - for RSpec2.
  • <= 0.6.7 - for RSpec < 3.2.
  • = 0.6.9 - for RSpec >= 3.2.

 gem 'allure-rspec'

And then include it in your spec_helper.rb:

    require 'allure-rspec'

    RSpec.configure do |c|
      c.include AllureRSpec::Adaptor

Advanced options

You can specify the directory where the Allure test results will appear. By default it would be 'gen/allure-results' within your current directory.

    AllureRSpec.configure do |c|
      c.output_dir = "/whatever/you/like" # default: gen/allure-results
      c.clean_dir = false # clean the output directory first? (default: true)
      c.logging_level = Logger::DEBUG # logging level (default: DEBUG)

Usage examples

describe MySpec, :feature => "Some feature", :severity => :normal do

  before(:step) do |s|
    puts "Before step #{s.current_step}"

  it "should be critical", :story => "First story", :severity => :critical, :testId => 99 do
    "string".should == "string"

  it "should be steps enabled", :story => ["First story", "Second story"], :testId => 31 do |e|

    e.step "step1" do |s|
      s.attach_file "screenshot1", take_screenshot_as_file

    e.step "step2" do
      5.should be > 0

    e.step "step3" do
      0.should == 0

    e.attach_file "screenshot2", take_screenshot_as_file
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