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Allure Framework

A flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool

Allure Framework

maintained by Qameta Software

Welcome to the Allure Framework repository.

Allure Framework is a set of adaptors and examples for Allure Report, a flexible, lightweight multi-language test reporting tool. Read more at the official website of the project.

Allure Report

Testing frameworks adaptors

We did quite a lot of work trying to provide native adaptors for almost all the common programming languages.

In case, you are looking for adaptors, use this list:

CI tools adaptors

There is also a bunch of CI adaptors to make easier-to-share reports:

There is a bunch of less popular adaptors. You may look for them here. Here you will find Allure Report documentation.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions regarding Allure Report, feel free to start a thread at GitHub Discussions.

Allure TestOps

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Now, Allure TestOps Cloud is generally available to all development teams! Try it on our website.



  1. allure2 Public

    Allure Report is a flexible, lightweight multi-language test reporting tool. It provides clear graphical reports and allows everyone involved in the development process to extract the maximum of in…

    Java 2.9k 551

  2. allure-docs Public

    Allure Framework documentation

    JavaScript 50 61

  3. Allure integrations for Python test frameworks

    Python 528 193

  4. allure-java Public

    Allure integrations for Java test frameworks

    Java 266 181

  5. allure-js Public

    Allure integrations for JavaScript test frameworks

    TypeScript 115 73

  6. allure-ruby Public

    Allure integrations for Ruby test frameworks

    Ruby 39 19