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A really thin ASGI web framework 🐍🤘

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Asgineer is a tool to write asynchronous web applications, using as few abstractions as possible, while still offering a friendly API. The guide and reference take just a few minutes to read!

When running Asgineer on Uvicorn, it is one of the fastest web frameworks available. It supports http long polling, server side events (SSE), and websockets. And has utilities to serve assets the right (and fast) way.

Asgineer is proudly used to serve e.g. and



import asgineer

async def main(request):
    return f"<html>You requested <b>{request.path}</b></html>"

if __name__ == '__main__':, 'uvicorn', 'localhost:8080')

You can start the server by running this script, or start it the ASGI way, e.g. with Uvicorn:

$ uvicorn example:main --host=localhost --port=8080

Installation and dependencies

Asgineer needs Python 3.6 or higher. To install or upgrade, run:

$ pip install -U asgineer

Asgineer has zero hard dependencies, but it needs an ASGI server to run on, like Uvicorn, Hypercorn, or Daphne.


Extra dev dependencies: pip install invoke pytest pytest-cov black flake8 requests websockets

Run invoke -l to get a list of dev commands, e.g.:

  • invoke autoformat to apply Black code formatting.
  • invoke lint to test for unused imports and more.
  • invoke tests to run the tests, optionally set the ASGI_SERVER environment variable.


BSD 2-clause.