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Bottle Swagger Plugin


This project is a Bottle plugin for working with Swagger. Bottle is a Python web framework. Swagger (OpenAPI) is a standard for defining REST APIs.

So if you are serving a REST API with Bottle, and you have a defined a Swagger schema for that API, this plugin can:

  • Validate incoming requests and outgoing responses against the swagger schema
  • Return appropriate error responses on validation failures
  • Serve your swagger schema via Bottle (for use in Swagger UI for example)


  • Python >= 2.7
  • Bottle >= 0.12
  • Swagger specification >= 2.0

This project relies on bravado-core to perform the swagger schema validation, so any version of the Swagger spec supported by that project is also supported by this plugin.


$ pip install bottle-swagger


See the "example" directory for a working example of using this plugin.

The simplest usage is:

import bottle

swagger_def = _load_swagger_def()

Where "_load_swagger_def" returns a dict representing your swagger specification (loaded from a yaml file, for example).

There are a number of arguments that you can pass to the plugin constructor:

  • validate_requests - Boolean (default True) indicating if incoming requests should be validated or not
  • validate_responses - Boolean (default True) indicating if outgoing responses should be validated or not
  • ignore_undefined_routes - Boolean (default False) indicating if undefined routes (that is, routes not defined in the swagger spec) should be passed on ("True") or return a 404 ("False")
  • invalid_request_handler - Callback called when request validation has failed. Default behaviour is to return a "400 Bad Request" response.
  • invalid_response_handler - Callback called when response validation has failed. Default behaviour is to return a "500 Server Error" response.
  • swagger_op_not_found_handler - Callback called when no swagger operation matching the request was found in the swagger schema. Default behaviour is to return a "404 Not Found" response.
  • exception_handler=_server_error_handler - Callback called when an exception is thrown by downstream handlers (including exceptions thrown by your code). Default behaviour is to return a "500 Server Error" response.
  • serve_swagger_schema - Boolean (default True) indicating if the Swagger schema JSON should be served
  • swagger_schema_url - URL (default /swagger.json) on which to serve the Swagger schema JSON

All the callbacks above receive a single parameter representing the Exception that was raised, or in the case of swagger_op_not_found_handler the Route that was not found. They should all return a Bottle Response object.


Development happens in the bottle-swagger GitHub respository. Pull requests (with accompanying unit tests), feature suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

Use "tox" to run the unit tests:

$ tox


A Bottle plugin for Swagger REST APIs








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