Modular OWL 2 reasoner
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Modular OWL 2 Reasoner for Ontology Classification

To build the project open a terminal, go to the project's directory and run

$ mkdir repo
$ mvn deploy:deploy-file -Durl=file:repo/ -Dfile=lib/RDFox/<platform>/JRDFox.jar -DartifactId=JRDFox -Dpackaging=jar -Dversion=build2213

where <platform> should be Mac, Linux or Windows. If you wish to use PrisM as a library, run

$ mvn install

This should generate a folder called target containing the library uber-PrisM-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. This library is ready to use and bundles all necessary dependencies.

Given an instance o of the OWLOntology class from the OWLAPI, the simplest way to create an instance of the reasoner is the following:

	MOReReasonerFactory factory = new MOReReasonerFactory();
	MoreReasoner more = factory.createReasoner(o);

To classify your ontology, simply call


You can retrieve all the superclasses of any OWLClass c in the input ontology by calling


and also all unsatisfiable classes in the ontology with


The default configuration of MORe splits the classification workload between the reasoners ELK and HermiT, but you can configure MORe to split the workload between ELK, RDFox and HermiT as follows

	boolean useRDFox = true;
	MOReReasonerConfiguration config = new MOReReasonerConfiguration(useRDFox);
	MOReReasonerFactory factory = new MOReReasonerFactory();
	MOReReasoner more = factory.createReasoner(o, config);

It is also possible to make MORe combine ELK (and maybe RDFox) with any other OWL 2 reasoner that implements the OWLReasoner interface from the OWLAPI and can be created with an OWLReasonerFactory. For this, it suffices to provide an instance owl2RsnrFactory of the corresponding OWLReasonerFactory and an instance owl2RsnrConfig of the corresponding OWL2ReasonerConfiguration as arguments when creating more as follows:

	MOReReasoner more = factory.createReasoner(o, config, owl2RsnrFactory, owl2RsnrConfig);