SC-IM - Spreadsheet Calculator Improvised -- An ncurses spreadsheet program for terminal
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SC-IM is a spreadsheet program that is based on SC (

Some of the features of SC-IM

  • UNDO / REDO.
  • 65.536 rows and 702 columns supported. (The number of rows can be expanded to 1.048.576 if wished).
  • CSV / TAB delimited file import and export.
  • XLS / XLSX file import.
  • Key-mappings.
  • Sort of rows.
  • Filter of rows.
  • Cell shifting.
  • 256 color support - screen colors can be customized by user, even at runtime.
  • Colorize cells or give them format such as bold or underline.
  • Wide character support. The following alphabets are supported: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese.
  • Implement external functions in the language you prefer and use them in SC-IM.
  • Use SC-IM as a non-interactive calculator, reading its input from a external script.
  • More movements commands implemented !
  • Input and Output was completely rewritten.

About the name, the idea is that the program can be identified as another vim-like app. SC-IM stands for Spreadsheet Calculator Improvised. :-)

demo image demo image demo image

Build & Install

  • Edit Makefile file according to your system and needs.
    vim /src/Makefile
  • Only for OSX users do:
    brew install ncurses
    brew link ncurses
  • Inside /src folder run:
  • Optional: You can install the binary 'sc-im' in your system by typing with a privileged user:
    make install


Please make a DONATION with PayPal so I can replace my broken laptop. I am currently developing SC-IM connecting to a headless NAS remotely.

If you wish to make a donation, please send money to via PayPal, choosing "Goods and Services".