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This project showcases a very simple usecase for RxJS in an Angular application.

This project shows both an imperative and a declarative method to retrieve a set of RSS feeds.

  • imperative = defined by traditional promise/fetch methods
  • declarative = relying on RxJS streams to handle the fetch and retrieval logic in a reactive way

In both cases, the application attempts to aggregate the different RSS feeds into one uniform array.

The application makes use of the RxJS operators, for more read the RxJS documentation here.

the server

  • The folder functions has a very basic ExpressJS API that is deployed on Firebase
  • The API has endpoints (and helper functions) that the Angular application uses to make HTTP requests to the RSS feeds
  • The HTTP requests make use of the npm module rss-parser to parse the RSS feeds and return back the post information as an array

the client

  • The traditional component retrieves the values with the traditional promise/fetch (imperative) approach
  • The reactive component retrieves the post values with the RxJS stream (declarative) approach
  • Styling is done with Angular Material
  • Start the client with a standard ng serve at the project root
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