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Angular DevKit

Development tools and libraries specialized for Angular

This is the home of the DevKit and the Angular CLI code. You can find the Angular CLI specific README here.

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This is the home for all the tools and libraries built to assist developers with their Angular applications.

Quick Links

Gitter Contributing Angular CLI

The Goal of DevKit

Our goal is to provide a large set of libraries that can be used to manage, develop, deploy and analyze your code.

This is the extension of the Angular CLI Project. Once this set of tools is done, the Angular CLI as it is today will become one of many interfaces available to perform those tasks. Everything will also be available to third party tools and IDEs.


Project Package Version Links
Angular CLI @angular/cli latest README snapshot
Schematics CLI @angular-devkit/schematics-cli latest snapshot


This is a monorepo which contains many packages:

Project Package Version Links
Architect @angular-devkit/architect latest README snapshot
Architect CLI @angular-devkit/architect-cli latest snapshot
Build Angular @angular-devkit/build-angular latest README snapshot
Build NgPackagr @angular-devkit/build-ng-packagr latest README snapshot
Build Optimizer @angular-devkit/build-optimizer latest README snapshot
Build Webpack @angular-devkit/build-webpack latest README snapshot
Core @angular-devkit/core latest README snapshot
Schematics @angular-devkit/schematics latest README snapshot


Project Package Version Links
Angular PWA Schematics @angular/pwa latest snapshot
Angular Schematics @schematics/angular latest snapshot
Schematics Schematics @schematics/schematics latest snapshot
Package Update Schematics @schematics/update latest snapshot


Project Package Version Links
Webpack Angular Plugin @ngtools/webpack latest snapshot