A fan port of Cave Story for the Sega Mega Drive
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Cave Story MD

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This is a rewrite/port of the popular freeware game Cave Story for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It should work on any console or emulator*. It's fairly stable at this point but gets buggier as the game progresses.

(*) Genesis Plus GX crashes at startup. This is the only emulator known to have the issue.


"Stable" releases can be found in the Releases tab.

For something more bleeding edge, try the Nightly.

Control Defaults

If you have a 6 button controller:

  • C - Jump, confirm
  • B - Shoot
  • A - Fast forward through scripted events
  • Y, Z - Switch weapon
  • Start - Pause / Item Menu

For 3 button, A cycles through weapons. The rest is the same.


  • Stage Select: up, down, left, right, A + Start. Like Sonic.
  • Infinite health/ammo: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A + Start.

You can still get crushed and fall out of bounds.

Note that you can't load or save the game while cheating (including the counter).


  1. Setup marsdev and python
  2. Clone & make



To learn MD dev mostly.

Why not SNES?

I'm not very interested in developing for that console. Why not give it a shot yourself?

When is the next release?


I bought a cartridge of this and-

There is no cartridge release, and I have nothing to do with anyone who makes them. All are bootlegs, the game isn't even complete.

When will you release this on cart then?

Never. Unless I am given both Pixel's and Nicalis' blessing.

Hello, (2 paragraphs of sucking up). By the way can I sell this on cartridge?

I can't stop you but I'm also not the one you should be asking. See the question right above this one. They can stop you.

Can you add new languages and game modes and redo the soundtrack? Also port Jenka's Nightmare next

Uhh bye

But you added X so Y should be easy

An easy time sink that I could instead spend not being bored out of my mind with payless work.


Various, details here


I did not know how to sort this list, so I did it alphabetically.

  • andwhyisit: A whole lot of testing. Automated builds.
  • DavisOlivier: Helped with a few music tracks.
  • Sik: Mega Drive tech support. Made the font used ingame.
  • Other people I probably forgot