A 10 year old PC game ported to a 25 year old console because why not
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Cave Story MD



This is a rewrite/port of the popular freeware game Cave Story for Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. The engine is built using SGDK, and written almost entirely in C.

It should work on any console or emulator.


"Stable" releases can be found in the Releases tab.

For something more bleeding edge, try the Nightly build. (thanks andywhyisit)


Farthest reachable point in master: Balcony

Also looky here: TODO list


There may be an option to configure this in the future.

  • C - Jump, confirm
  • B - Shoot
  • A - Fast forward through scripted events
  • Y, Z - Switch weapon
  • Start - Pause / Item Menu

Save files

There is an experimental tool to convert saves (one way only PC -> MD). Beware that SRAM formats differ between emulators.

  1. make tools
  2. Download & extract a Profile.dat from here
  3. Example (note the -g option for Gens):
    • BlastEm: ./prof2sram ~/Downloads/Profile.dat.beforeCoreBattleW-OBooster ~/.local/share/blastem/doukutsu/save.sram
    • Gens: ./prof2sram -g ~/Downloads/Profile.dat.beforeCoreBattleW-OBooster ~/.gens/doukutsu.srm


Assuming you are running GNU/Linux. It might also work on BSDs

  1. Dependencies for all this:
    • The base developer tools form your distro, like build-essential on Debian or base-devel on Arch
    • texinfo - Newer GCC might pull this in but make sure it is installed
    • Java - For the compression tool lz4w. I may do something about this eventually
    • Python - Required to generate a header file, both 2 and 3 are known to work
  2. Set up my fork of Gendev (Both the toolchain and SGDK are customized)
    • The command to build and install Gendev is sudo make
    • Compiling a GNU toolchain takes a very long time, up to an hour on slow machines
    • If after the fact you want to only update SGDK, run sudo make sgdk-clean then sudo make sgdk. This way you don't have to wait forever to rebuild the whole toolchain
  3. Clone this repository and do make.
  4. Open doukutsu.bin in your emulator of choice, or put it on a flash cart.



I was learning about Genesis homebrew and wanted to make something, but I'm not creative enough to make my own game. Also Cave Story is pretty cool.

Where are the Windows build instructions?

There aren't any. I used to have a Makefile and bat to build this on Windows, however the build only succeeded ~30% of the time due to random build errors. The game also lags much more often when built from Windows for some reason.

There are no save points. What's going on?

The game detected that you have no SRAM. If this is not the case, open an issue.

I found a discrepancy with the original, what do?

Report it, but first make sure it's not in this document

Will there be a physical release of this?

Probably not. This is a fan port (not endorsed by Pixel or Nicalis), and I'm not going to dance around copyright laws more than I already am.

Isn't this just NXEngine ported to Genesis?

The AI code is, but the rest I wrote from scratch with the help of various modding docs.

Could I port mods to this?

It would be extremely painful.

Shoutouts & Legal Stuff

  • Cave Story's game content (Graphics, sound, characters) is property of Studio Pixel, not me.
  • My music covers can be considered CC0.
    • They were created using Deflemask tracker, based on conversions from the org2xm tool.
  • Cave Editor is cool.