Curated list of awesome Esoteric languages and resources
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Awesome Esolangs Awesome

Curated list of awesome esoteric programming languages and resources.

"An esoteric programming language, or esolang, is a computer programming language designed to experiment with weird ideas, to be hard to program in, or as a joke, rather than for practical use."



  • Ajsone - Language defined completely in JSON.
  • Befunge - Two-dimensional language.
  • Brainfuck - Minimalist language using only 8 single-character commands.
  • Chef - Programs that look like cooking recipes.
  • Chicken - Only 1 valid symbol: 'chicken'.
  • ChuckScript - Unary-based language, where the code is a single number.
  • DNA# - Language based on the structure of the DNA.
  • Dots - A turing-complete language with only one symbol: ".".
  • Emojicode - Full-blown programming language consisting of emojis.
  • Enterprise™ - Non deterministic unnecessarily statically typed language.
  • False - Heavily offuscated language with a minimal implementation.
  • Fetlang - Designed such that source code looks like poorly written fetish erotica.
  • INTERCAL - Parody language intended to be completely different from other languages.
  • JSFuck - Esoteric programming style based on the atomic parts of JavaScript.
  • LolCode - Language with keywords based on the lolcat meme expressions.
  • Malbolge - Named after the 8th level of hell, is designed to be as difficult as possible to program.
  • Omgrofl - Syntax resembling Internet slang.
  • Ook! - Brainfuck-based language, where the commands are orangutan words.
  • reMorse - Morse-styled language.
  • Rockstar - Designed for creating computer programs that are also song lyrics.
  • Piet - Language in which programs look like abstract paintings using colors as code. Named after Piet Mondrian.
  • Shakespeare - Language where the code appear to be Shakespearean plays.
  • Suzy - 3D language inspired in Befunge.
  • Thue - Matrioshka language based on nondeterministic string rewriting of a semi-Thue grammar.
  • Unary - Brainfuck-based language where all the commands are 0.
  • Velato - Language that uses MIDI files as source, programs are defined by the pitch and order of notes.
  • Whenever - Language that does things whenever it wants.
  • Whitespace - Use only white-characters (space, tabs and newlines).
  • Z - Use only the letter z.






The content of this list is available under CC0 public domain dedication.

Logo is used by permission of David Morgan-Mar