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A three-dimensional esoteric programming language
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Suzy is a three-dimensional esoteric programming language[1]. It is 
inspired by Befunge[2]. Suzy utilises every non-control ASCII character, 
except for tabs.

This repository consists of a Suzy compiler ( and interpreter 
(, both written in Python[3], and contains an extensive 
documentation of all characters in docs/, and some examples in 

How to use the interpreter:

    $ python myprog.suz


    $ python -h

to see the command line options supported.
Invoke the compiler with:

    $ python infile.suz

If the output file is omitted, it defaults to stdout, and if the input 
file is omitted as well, that defaults to stdin.

Please note the compiler compiles to byte-code, and the interpreter will 
run the compiler first if the given file is not Suzy byte-code.

[3] they are written for Python 2.5
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