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@angular-devkit/schematics-cli (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
fix `list-schematics` is not printing anything [Closes #12220]

@angular/cli (7.0.1)

Commit Description Notes
show project being linted [Closes #11231]
add `--defaults` option to `ng new` [Closes #12084]
add support for `ShadowDom` as a `viewEncapsulation` value
if parsing comes accross an obvious error throw it
remove --help-json and add format to help
add support for parsing enums
add subcommand to options
add usage notes to help JSON
add help for ng-new schematics
generate --helpJson will remove collection name
sort schematics by name in --help-json
add long description and suboption option type
add --helpJson (or --help-json) too all commands
remove yargs-parser and implement parsing
initialize a console prompt provider for schematics
allow schematic command to specify the default colletion.
use stderr for all diagnostic related log messages
capture CPU profile
`ng update` remove duplicate `dryRun` in help [Closes #12423]
numerical flags should not give 0 if empty
allow -a=value arguments [Closes #12308]
allow empty string arguments
relax compatible angular check package location
`--verbose` is an unknown option of `serve` [Closes #11086]
allow global config command outside project [Closes #12296]
suggest windows-compatible typescript install command
cannot use same target name in when having multiple projects (#12327) [Closes #12320]
do not show stack on argument parse error
on error finding files, show warning
fix schema error `Property targets is not allowed` [Closes #12192]
support `--version` option
fix support for hidden options
fix support for default values in options
add support for all variant of alias field name
chunk log so output is piped properly
run --help-json now returns a basic help
warn if `targets` is present when using a schematic
fix issues in google3
show an error if invalid global config file found [Closes #12198]
only add options if theres only one builder configuration
only print options once for schematic --help
add options in help for architect commands
properly type config command value option
correct update command packages option type

@angular-devkit/architect (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
explicitly type functions

@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
pass logger to ngtools/webpack
add --reporters option to test [Closes #11376]
add progress option to xi18n [Closes #11667]
add profile option to browser builder
support of tsx absolute path import (#11450)
update license-webpack-plugin [Closes #11536]
automatically include reflect metadata polyfill for JIT
update webpack dependencies
enable sourcemaps by default when using karma [Closes #12282]
add `ignore` option to `assets` object [Closes #11850]
add `ignore` option to `assets` object [Closes #11850]
remove inlining of assets in css (#12027)
use terser instead of uglify-es (#11996) [Closes #9340]
dont serve files on cwd (#12547)
fix extractLicenses default (#12546) [Closes #12546]
don't override missing options in protractor (#12507) [Closes #10697]
workaround karma issue
only process index HTML if option is used
resolve assets in styles relative to importee [Closes #12430]
`ng test` without `reporters` no longer print error [Closes #12455]
don't rerun tests on unchanged compilation [Closes #11880]
addresses issue were `deployUrl` has no effect with serve [Closes #11952]
karma builder now serves global styles
fully resolve project modules
fully remove url inlining
set the proper type to `fileReplacements` [Closes #11294]
remove workaround for uglify-es (#12033) [Closes #issuecomment-416514015]
improve bundle size value parsing (#12026) [Closes #12013]
only collect coverage from files under `sourceRoot` (#11974) [Closes #11934]
fixes cors issues with karma (#11970) [Closes #11970]
[Closes #11966]
exclude `.map` files from budget … (#12012) [Closes #11999]
load style source maps inline so they work (#11729) [Closes #9099]

@angular-devkit/build-optimizer (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
update `typescript` dependency to `3.0.x`
correctly identify renamed enums
remove constructor __param
update to typescript 3.1.3 [Closes #27341]
deprecate transform test functions
remove deprecated wrap enums check
remove deprecated purify plugin

@angular-devkit/build-webpack (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
skip transition property optimization [Closes #12408]

@schematics/angular (7.0.1)

Commit Description Notes
add prompts for all name options (#12519)
Add --minimal flag to generate a barebones (#12498)
update `TypeScript` to `3.1`
update to latest versions of `TypeScript` and `Angular`
look for module in more places (#12389) [Closes #7662]
Add the option to allow preventing the creation of an application [Closes #12216]
add default budget of 2mb/5mb
add support for `ShadowDom` as a `viewEncapsulation` value
update tsconfig.json libs to include es2018
new 7.0.0 migration to remove polyfills
update ng-packagr to `4.2.0`
add several prompts to ng-new
let Universal schematic use configurations from build architect
add CLI 7.x migration schematic
remove useless import for Ivy (#11874)
update codelyzer for new projects
avoid using 6.2+ only features in migrations
fix polyfill path resolution
update typescript dependency to 3.1.3 [Closes #27341]
migrate existing packages for 7.0 (#12518)
codeCoverage exclude is not being migrated (#12513) [Closes #10936]
codeCoverage exclude is not being migrated (#12511) [Closes #10936]
ast utils - handle NgModule with no newlines (#12521)
use proper project root for e2e [Closes #12491]
tweak the `ng new` routing prompt
support `Fetch as Google`(Google bot) (#11815)
generate application with projectRoot is provided [Closes #11925]
dasherize library package name [Closes #11017]
remove redundant reflect polyfill
remove module test (#11278) [Closes #11277]
use 'architect' instead of 'targets' until deprecated
fix app shell schematic failure [Closes #10093]
use app root to set server paths in options
`module` imports paths are incorrect when `flat` option is used [Closes #12169]
fix path for `ngswConfigPath` during migration
app shell schematic does not use production configuration
better error message when finding only routing modules (#11994) [Closes #11961]

@angular-devkit/core (7.0.1)

Commit Description Notes
support of tsx files in aot mode (#11407)
add enum support to getTypesOfSchema
`createConsoleLogger` now accepts 2 parameters to add custom `stdout` and `stderr`
remove addUndefinedDefaults as default post transform
add a parseJsonFile that shows file path on error
add levenshtein distance utility
move findTypes in utility and export
initial prompt provider json schema support
make JSON schema required work with prompts (#12548)
record host should stat backing host
fix cannot delete directory (#11574) [Closes #11574]
allow stat on record host
use architect key only if it exists
make workspace projects field not required
correctly resolve schema references
make smart default work with default/required

@angular-devkit/schematics (7.0.1)

Commit Description Notes
allow workflow impl to define their own sinks (#12330)
allow schematic rules to control interactivity
fix `generate` mangling files containing wide characters [Closes #7851]
[Closes #7950]
throw `InvalidCollectionJsonException` when collection file is invalid [Closes #11818]
fix task executor on Windows

@angular/pwa (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
support customized workspace configurations with add

@ngtools/webpack (7.0.1)

Commit Description Notes
support hostReplacementPaths [Closes #12197]
support custom logging
add support for `TypeScript` 3.1
add support for `traceResolution` [Closes #8676]
move @angular/compiler-cli to a peer dependency
add `typescript` version `3.0.x` as a peer dependency
barrel files fail on windows [Closes #12035]
remove deprecated singleFileIncludes option

@schematics/schematics (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
update tsconfig.json libs to include es2018

@schematics/update (0.10.1)

Commit Description Notes
add per-project .npmrc file support
taking whitespaces around "=" in .npmrc into account
process always-auth and _auth correctly, better support for private repositories

Special Thanks

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