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@alexeagle alexeagle released this May 28, 2019 · 4331 commits to master since this release

Welcome to version 8.0 of Angular and the CLI.

This release includes some significant new features:

  • Differential Loading is a build system feature in the CLI. It builds two versions of your application. One version is for modern browsers, and has a 10-30% smaller JS bundle size and fewer required polyfills. The second version works in older browsers. During ng update, we make some minor changes to your application to make it possible for all browsers to automatically downloaded the most suitable bundles. This change requires no server-side or serving infrastructure changes. The change is enabled by default via the target field set to es2015 in application’s tsconfig.json. If this change breaks your application, you can change the value back to es5 which disables differential loading. Thanks to Manfred Steyer for upstreaming his excellent work on ngx-build-plus. See the documentation at
  • Support for EcmaScript dynamic import() for lazy loading of routes. This aligns Angular with the JavaScript specification and makes your application more compatible with tooling. ng update will automatically change the loadChildren syntax to import(), and we no longer recommend using the string-based style like path/to/module#ModuleName. Thanks to Craig Spence for adding support for this.
  • WebWorker bundling is now automatic in the CLI. This lets you easily write code that moves expensive computation to a separate thread, and have that bundled in a separate script that works in the browser. Thanks to Jason Miller for writing the Webpack plugin and assisting us with integrating this feature into the CLI. See the documentation at
  • CLI telemetry is an opt-in feature that lets you report CLI usage data to the Angular team, and also to your own Google Analytics account. This lets us make better decisions about which CLI features to prioritize, and measure the impact of our improvements. See the documentation at
  • Builders is a new API in the CLI that allows tooling developers to replace the behavior of CLI commands such as build and test. Before 8.0.0 we will add documentation, for now you can see a preview at and read the blog post. As part of 8.0.0 we are working with cloud providers to take advantage of Architect to provide a new deploy command. Along with Architect, we've added a Workspace API for tools that need to read or write the angular.json file; see
  • Reduced transitive tarball download size of @angular/cli by 60%

To update, please visit

Note: if you configure Node.js with extra memory for your ng build command, you may need to do the same for ng update since this update loads your program in memory.

Breaking Changes

@angular-devkit/build-angular: use `sass` instead of `node-sass` (ce15899)

we no longer use `node-sass` by default, instead we use `sass` (dart-sass).

While in most cases this should not have an impact the generated code, dart sass has some differences from Ruby Sass. See for more details

If you wish to use node-sass instead of sass you need to install node-sass as a dev dependency.

npm users

npm install node-sass --save-dev

yarn users

yarn add node-sass --dev

Note: for larger Sass projects to avoid this performance hit you might want to install fibers. See:

Ref: TOOL-748

@angular-devkit/core: Remove dep on chokidar (eb5643e)

Users who rely on angular-devkit/core to do the file watching must add chokidar to their devDependencies.

@angular-devkit/build-angular: disable by default stylesheet root relative URL rebasing (94b087c)

Root relative URLs are a standardized method to reference a resource path from the root of a host. The previous behavior of the Angular CLI prevented this from occuring and resulted in an inability to reference stylesheet assets in this manner. The initial reason for this behavior is no longer present in the internal implementation of the Angular CLI. Therefore, this now unnecessary and non-standard behavior is being phased out. If an application currently relies on this behavior, a compatibility option `rebaseRootRelativeCssUrls` has been provided for the 8.x release cycle to facilitate transition away from this non-standard and limiting behavior. The recommended method to transition is to use relative paths within the source stylesheet. This allows the build system to process and generate a full URL for the asset.

Schematics are now async

For Schematics authors: note that schematics have always been potentially async, but now they all are.


@angular/cli (8.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
verify Angular version is supported
automatically update angular builders when CLI is updated [Closes #13581]
add tracking for command duration
support stable architect API
allows analytics sharing with a third party
add validation logic for analytics in ng config
add custom implementation for analytics for commands
add support for analytics command proper
add prompt on post install step
add analytic support to commands and command-runner
add universal-analytics as dependency
add `@nguniversal/*` to ng version [Closes #9959]
update minimum required Node.js version to 10.9
Add VsCode recommendation for Angular Console
Add VsCode extension recommendations
support pnpm as a package manager option
ng config doesn't parse positional array [Closes #14516]
ng generate --help shows the wrong collection [Closes #14519]
show analytics prompt when no global configuration file [Closes #14486]
standardize TTY checks
ensure git repository is clean before updates
show error when using x18n command on Node.js 12.0
improve error handling of update command
@bazel/* are not shown in `ng version`
prevent nested schematic execution from generating analytics [Closes #14190]
enable analytics for safe builders [Closes #14355]
print full error when package is not found
honor builder schema additional properties option [Closes #14354]
remove Angular specific version check from base architect command [Closes #14266]
only show postinstall prompt when global analytics not configured
add missing experimentalImportFactories to schema
update config schema for karma webworker
improve opt-out language
dont force a prompt on non-interactive terminals
if no global config file found, analytics can be null
don't remove scripts from package.json
fix import path for TimingOptions [Closes #13978]
remove redundant typescript/compiler-cli compatibility check
remove deprecated eject command
explicitly define console color logging
wrap `opn` in a new Promise because `opn` is already resolve is already resolve.
Add an error message when we call `ng doc` without keyword. Currently, we open a page with the keyword `undefined`. (#13604)
update terser-webpack-plugin (#13589) [Closes #13582]
schematics commands should fail on unknown options [Closes #12549]
remove unsupported `dryRun` and `force` from `ng add` [Closes #13479]
ng-add should resolve package.json

@angular-devkit/architect (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
add analytics to builder context
add new context methods
getOptionsForTarget should return null
add scheduleTargetAndForget function
add targetFromTargetString() function
QoL changes for builders
allow for a different output type
add generic architect builders
add node architect host
New Architect API first draft
error run on input schema error (#14315) [Closes #14269]
propagate option validation errors
consume the default export in TestingArchitectHost
set proper name in TestingArchitectHost
fix incorrect relative core import
remove experimental API
ensure workspaceRoot is actually set to workspaceRoot
properly subscribe to error handlers
properly report errors thrown by builder

@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
use evergreen version of zone.js with ES2015
remove experimentalImportFactories option [Closes #14218]
warn when target greater es2015
deprecate `es5BrowserSupport` option in browser builder
enable differential loading for es2015 builds
wire up index generation for differential loading
support web workers in karma builder
support karma builder webpack transformation
improve handling of nomodules and modules in index generation
differential loading
add safari-nomodule snippet
update to core-js 3 [Closes #13954]
support TS web workers
support module web workers.
write index.html for differential loading
add experimentalImportFactories option
use builder name for category
add analytics for build
implement stable architect API for extract-i18n
add AppShell new API builder
add server output path
implement stable architect API for karma
use `sass` instead of `node-sass`
add Server Builder v2
enable webpack profile when using stats-json flag [Closes #13907]
implement stable architect API for protractor
deprecate `profile` option in build
remove Closure compiler i18n code for ivy
move dev-server to new API
re-export schemas
browserTarget should match target pattern
add support for tslint 5.13+
add Browser Builder v2
change es5BrowserSupport output filename to `polyfills.es5.js` [Closes #13808]
move tslint to new API
dev-server port number mismatches in logs when using `port=0` [Closes #14499]
absolute outputPath outputs index.html in wrong location [Closes #14474]
normalize sourceMap options in karma webpack plugin [Closes #14457]
show error for missing modules [Closes #14421]
extract i18n should only show warnings/errors [Closes #14373]
propagate protractor errors during execution
stop dev server fallback outside of serve path
protractor should use dev server baseUrl
account for dynamic port with dev-server baseUrl
load polyfills-es5 on test [Closes #14335]
never split polyfill chunks [Closes #14280]
relax typescript peerDep
used named chunks for dynamic imports [Closes #14251]
e2e does not respect dev-server host and port settings (#14165) [Closes #14151]
live reload cannot be disabled [Closes #14300]
skip version check if unit-testing
add Angular version check into required builders
use known Terser global defs
remove pure_getters [Closes #9231]
[Closes #11439]
[Closes #12096]
[Closes #12128]
pass system path to readTsconfig
set correct peerDependencies for TypeScript
run build steps for differential loading in sequence to avoid confusing progress information
ignore bundle budgets when running karma or devserver [Closes #14100]
verify chunk files exist before accessing
update utility function output type
ensure correct dev server path with public host option [Closes #13627]
fix countOccurences
use package import for build-webpack in server builder
update speed-measure-webpack-plugin to 1.3.1 [Closes #12763]
passing port 0 when using serve will not find a suitable port
don't show warning when font shorthand is used [Closes #9648]
resolve fonts with space in filename [Closes #9648]
fail the build if service worker fails
fix base href insertion when HTML is in a single line [Closes #13851]
fix check for absolute paths in windows in server config [Closes #13865]
[Closes #1139]
don't bundle linked modules when `bundleDependencies` in `none` in server builder [Closes #13817]
sourceMap option not working in tests [Closes #13766]
add promise polyfill to --es5BrowserSupport provided polyfills
improve webpack loader resolution
minimum threshold
disable by default stylesheet root relative URL rebasing
added warning for ES2017
remove unneeded script element type
throw error when multiple bundles have been name the same [Closes #13568]
error when both `baseUrl` and `devServerTarget` are used in protractor [Closes #13611]
use sourcemap object in karma plugin (#13584) [Closes #13580]
remove deprecated `istanbul` from dependencies (#13567) [Closes #13562]
add missing open parenthesis in stacktrace (#13565) [Closes #13558]

@angular-devkit/build-ng-packagr (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
add support for ng-packagr version 5
implement stable architect API
propogate errors during execution

@angular-devkit/build-optimizer (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
remove deprecated test functions from public API
don't add pure comments in call expressions [Closes #14084]
don't add pure comments inside arrow functions [Closes #13768]
prefix renamed extended classes (#13613) [Closes #13613]
[Closes #11796]

@angular-devkit/build-webpack (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
include entrypoints in emitted files
report emitted files
add a "build" builder
add API builder for dev server
add API builder for webpack
consider name when deduping emitted files
add dot to file extension in emitted files
check server address type before use
also split on multi modules and spaces

@angular-devkit/core (8.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
make new workspace API public
implement workspace JSON reader/writer
Remove dep on chokidar
analytics interfaces and basic implementations
add workspace reader/writer core API
add factories for workspace
remove Log messages from Job API
jobs should re-log instead of forwarding
logger.log() should keep own metadata
export terminal capabilities
support console logger color customization
add a reuse JobStrategy
add a fallback registry
createJobFactory does not have to have options
properly replace an added value in workspace API
deprecate redundant isObservable function
remove unimplemented prompt priority [Closes #14402]
handle async host exceptions for workspace isDirectory/isFile
NodeJSAsyncHost.isFile should check for a file
support writing an empty object workspace
host.delete() completes but never emits [Closes #14235]
ignore undefined targets when adding a workspace project
ensure long workspace value changes are multiline
escape workspace json pointers
allow scoped names for workspace projects
add project type as a workspace special extension
correct workspace discovery
fix true schemas post transform step
remove static initialization using process object
Properly subscribe/unsubscribe to observables

@angular-devkit/schematics (8.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
add support for analytics
support unicode character HTML element names (#13837)
support basic promise/async based rules (#13660)
support pnpm as a package manager option
deprecate synchronous testing methods
use rxjs version of isObservable
fully support async rules
add aliases to collection-schema.json
use `join` instead of normal string concatenation [Closes #13654]

@ngtools/webpack (8.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
remove importFactories option
support loadchildren string syntax in Ivy
redirect ngcc errors and warnings to webpack
reuse compiler host in webpack child compilations
add NGCC as part of the workflow
support import syntax for loadChildren with ViewEngine
add option to control lazy route discovery
support Angular 8
allow .svg files as templates [Closes #10567]
import factory from original declaration file [Closes #14399]
fixes ngcc error when project name is the same or partially the same as a module name [Closes #14317]
log ngcc info messages (#14320) [Closes #14194]
set correct peerDependencies for TypeScript and Angular Compiler CLI
replace bootstrap code under Ivy unless running in JIT mode
changes in non module code are not picked up when using barrel files [Closes #13975]
replace resources should return class node when modified
don't invalidate cache after first run
`getCurrentDirectory` should not return a devkit path
don't load ngfactories for lazy routes with Ivy
provide a TS-like path to ngProgram.listLazyRoutes [Closes #13531]

@schematics/schematics (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
update jasmine to 3.3.1+
use correct collection.json path

@schematics/update (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
show executing package during migrations
guard against null value for semver check

devkit (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
make name required for devkit package schematics

@schematics/angular (8.0.0)

Commit Description Notes
update scaffolding rxjs version to 6.5.1
drop @angular/http from dependencies
enable support for Chrome 41
update `karma` to `4.1.x`
add lazy module path fixer
add more information and browsers in browserlist
migrate existing ES5 projects to support differential loading
update several workspace dependencies
set workspace tsconfig target to es2015
stop adding `@angular/http` dependency when running universal schematic
add web worker schematics
remove ivy-ngcc postinstall script from new application
update to codelyzer 5
drop es6 from modern polyfills
tslint migration for 8
update to ng-packagr version 5
add type checking for protractor.conf.js file [Closes #13958]
use more codelyzer rules
allow ember, ember-cli, vendor, app and test names
update workspace jasmine to 3.3.1+
JSON schema for service worker config
use esnext as the default TS module format
update minimum karma and tslint versions
change layout for root applications
relocate `ng g service-worker` files
rename `tsconfig.e2e.json` to `tsconfig.json`
change layout of e2e files
recommend plugins that John Papa recommends
rename experimentalIvy to enableIvy
Update rxjs to 6.4.0
scaffold new projects with angular packages version 8
remove `annotateForClosureCompiler` in libraries tsconfig (#13546)
add migration to update `web-animations-js` polyfill [Closes #14518]
drop the worker alias [Closes #14525]
handle newline after `@` of a decorator [Closes #14490]
enable tsickle for library compilation
update or add module and target to non extended tsconfig [Closes #14436]
polyfills migration leaving broken code in windows [Closes #14443]
update zone.js to 0.9.1
differential loading migration should run only for projects using `@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser` [Closes #14389]
tsconfig with comments breaks universal schematic [Closes #14371]
remove old GoogleBot browserslist setting [Closes #14364]
linting errors in AST utils spec
allow insertion when there are no occurrences
project name option in the library schematic
older projects are not migrated to support differential loading [Closes #14321]
avoid tslint overhead for lazy module migration
reduce package installs for 8.0 migrations (#14324)
set CLI 8.0 codelyzer migration version to ^5.0.1
update zone.js version during CLI 8.0 migration [Closes #14281]
normalize differing TS AST versions in lazy module migration
remove tsquery peer dependency warning [Closes #14270]
avoid double header/comments in es6 polyfill migration
workaround bug in recorder/update
move and update existing `src/browserslist` [Closes #14232]
align differential loading migration to browserslist template
fix paths when `newProjectRoot` is an empty string [Closes #14108]
skip E2E projects when migrating browserslist
ensure Angular builders are migrated to latest versions
migrate TS module type to esnext
handle polyfill migration in non root applications
generate `tsconfig.worker.json` outside of the `src` folder
add `tsconfig.worker.json` to list of tsconfigs to lint
properly log data received in web worker snippet
set version 8 migration to execute for beta versions
minimal should not add `test` target
remove unused core-js dependency from new projects
buildRelativePath handles files in root
remove baseUrl from universal tsconfig [Closes #13935]
change entry file name of the library schematic according to the kebab-case convention
reintroduce `.sass` as a supported file extention [Closes #13739]
kebab case prefix causes lint errors in new directives [Closes #13796]
default newProjectRoot to current directory
remove ViewEncapsulation from root component
remove extra comma in component schematic
use enableIvy as true
JsonUtils should respect indent
`findModuleFromOptions` not handling properly different casing in name [Closes #13714]
undefined is used as newProjectRoot when none is set [Closes #13703]
fix missing semicolons in extensions.json.template
add file extensions to style prompt
fixes issue that `ViewEncapsulation` is not being configured when provided [Closes #13689]
respect the flag when we create a guard with schematics
Include bazel-out in .gitignore [Closes #13636]
set restartOnFileChange to true in karma.conf templates [Closes #13542]
e2e test fails strict TS config
update latest version of devkit
update typescript to 3.2.4 (#13554)
set cortrect file extention in config when using preprocessors (#13552) [Closes #13550]
use baseUrl for default e2e test
remove leading comments when removing `core-js/es7/reflect` (#13528) [Closes #13491]

@angular-devkit/architect-cli (0.800.0)

Commit Description Notes
clear console and show logs
wait for last output of build
CLI tool to use new Architect API
fix paths to support Windows
remove any throttling of the progress bar

Note About Versioning

You might have noticed some versions have changed since the last release. We always had two channels for our packages; stable and experimental. For example, @angular/cli is stable, while @angular-devkit/build-angular is experimental. So far, we managed those versions independently of each others (7.3.x matches 0.13.x, while 8.0.0 matches 0.14.0).

From version 8.0.0 and upwards, we will start using the power of Mathematics for choosing the experimental packages versions. The formula is simple; "0." + (major * 100 + minor) + "." + patch. So, for example, the 8.0.0 release becomes the 0.800.0 version for experimental packages.

This allows us to better manage our experimental packages (they are always monotonic with time), and it allows users to know if they are not matching versions between their packages in their projects, without relying on looking up the npm registry or other sources. If a package version does not match the formula above, you might have mismatching packages.

Special Thanks

Charles Lyding, Alan Agius, Hans Larsen, Renovate Bot, Filipe Silva, Alan, Alex Eagle, Minko Gechev, Cédric Exbrayat, Keen Yee Liau, hawkgs, Judy Bogart, ManfredSteyer, WilliamKoza, Vikram Subramanian, mrmeku, hrocha16, Louis Larry, Captain Caius, Nikita Poltoratsky, Craig Spence, Sam Thorogood, Logan Mzz, Jason Miller, Andriy Pyvovarchuk, ukrukar, JiaLiPassion, Kara, Niyaz Akhmetov, Will, Olivier Combe, Emilio Martinez, Cyrille Tuzi, Mathias Raacke, mgechev, Rares Matei, Amadou Sall, cipchk, owenmecham, George Kalpakas, Luis Confraria, William KOZA, Andrey Chalkin, Stephen Fluin

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