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Draggable options doesn't work on StickyWin.PointyTip. Included Fix #68

fatPerlHacker opened this Issue · 4 comments

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What Steps will reproduce the problem?:
Create a StickyWin.PointyTip with the "draggable" option set to true.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The PointyTip box should be draggable. It is not.

I used Class.refactor to put a class to makeDraggable() and makeResizable() into the constructor.

StickyWin.PointyTip = Class.refactor(StickyWin.PointyTip,{
'initialize': function(){
this.previous.apply(this, arguments);
if (this.options.draggable) this.makeDraggable();
if (this.options.resizable) this.makeResizable();


Why would you want a tool tip to be draggable? I can't think of a UI I have ever used with a roll-over tip that I could drag around...


I work in a business environment where we are required to use a modified version of IE6 that is even more difficult to work with than regular IE6. IFrameShim doesn't overlay drop drown lists properly in it, for example. Mainly, I enabled dragging to make sure that part of tool tip didn't get hidden off-screen or buried under drop down lists. The tool tip contains a small table of data so it is important to see the whole thing.

I see what you're saying though. If I was developing on a modern browser it probably wouldn't be necessary. I figured since the draggable option was still in the StickyWin.PointyTip class that I would post it here.


Looking at the code, it looks to me like it should be draggable. StickyWin.Drag uses Class.refactor to change StickyWin, which StickyWin.PointyTip extends. I'm not sure why it isn't working. Can you look and see if you have StickyWin.Drag included before or after StickyWin.PointyTip (and to confirm you have it at all). If you do, try moving it to the other position (above it if it's below it now, other wise below it).


I have the entire Clientcide library, mootools more, and mootools (of course).

StickyWin.PointyTip is after StickyWin.Drag by default. Moving it to before has no effect.

I believe it is because the setContent method of StickyWin.PointyTip doesn't call this.parent, since the setContent of StickyWin.Drag calls this.makeDraggable().

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