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Update README with instructions on how to generate API documentation.
Fix reference path to NUnit for documentation generation task.
Fixes [AMQNET-302]. (See
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Jim Gomes committed Jan 6, 2011
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@@ -19,9 +19,21 @@ To run the unit tests you need to run an Apache ActiveMQ Broker first then run:

nant test

The NMS documentation can be generated into three different formats using
Microsoft's Sandcastle open source product. The Sandcastle Styles project
was used to enhance the output generated from the current release of Sandcastle.

The Sandcastle project is located here:

The Sandcastle Styles project is located here:

To generate the documentation, run:

nant doc
nant sandcastle-all

Building With Visual Studio 2008
@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@
<property name="" value="vs2005" unless="${property::exists('')}" />
<property name="documentation.dir" value="${build.bin.dir}" />
<property name="bin.intern.dir" value="${build.bin.dir}" />
<property name="bin.extern.dir" value="${basedir}\vendor\NUnit\net-2.0" />
<property name="bin.extern.dir" value="${basedir}\lib\NUnit\net-2.0" />
<property name="sandcastle.dir" value="${environment::get-variable('DXROOT')}" />
<property name="sandcastle.workingdir" value="${build.dir}\doc\${}" />
<property name="sandcastle.output.dir" value="${sandcastle.workingdir}\Output" />

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