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A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would have with NSLog() or print(), but with additional information, such as the date, function name, filename and line number.

  • Updated Sep 14, 2021
  • Swift
galtgendo commented Apr 18, 2021

I'm writing this from memory as I've used apitrace only a couple times in the last few years.

This was only seen in wine, I have no idea if this fails the same way with native Windows.

Anyway, if apitrace is placed in a path that's outside locale constrains of the locale it's run in, it fails to run due to using GetCurrentDirectoryA.

I don't quite recall how exactly the failure gets trigg

mriffey commented Sep 6, 2018

Recently I was working with another dev on some performance issues. At one point, i took the dbv++ output, pasted it into a blank email (to get the spacing formatted), then took that and pasted it into Excel. I then added a column for Elapsed time (this step) and added a formula to calculate for each line how much time had elapsed since the last log entry. A simple process, but kind of cumbersome.

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