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Reactivesearch starter app
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Reactivesearch Starter App

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Step-by-step guide available at ReactiveSearch Quickstart Doc.


yarn && yarn start

should open something like this


The ReactiveSearch components code resides in src/App.js file. For building this app, we use:

  1. for the backend, any Elasticsearch cluster/index should work.
  2. A simple flex based layout system, you can use Materialize's or Bootstrap's grid, or roll your own layout - the ReactiveSearch components are layout agnostic.
  3. The following components:
  • ReactiveBase - ReactiveBase is the provider component that connects the UI with the backend app.
  • CategorySearch - CategorySearch component provides a search box UI with categorized suggestions.
  • SingleRange - SingleRange component is used for displaying the star ratings.
  • ResultCard - ResultCard component is used for displaying the hits as a card layout.
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