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HTTPDecoder: no error on unclean EOF on upgrade (#1063)


Previously we thought that if we have some bytes left that belong to an
upgraded protocol, we should deliver those as an error. This is
implemented on `master` but not in any released NIO version.
However, no other handler sends errors on unclean shutdown, so it feels
wrong to do it in this one very specific case (EOF on inflight upgrade
with data for the upgraded protocol)


Remove the error again.


Less behaviour change to the last released NIO version.
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weissi authored and Lukasa committed Jul 11, 2019
1 parent 7a250a2 commit 334815f6580b5256409d48431751938c4e966e72
@@ -465,8 +465,7 @@ public final class HTTPDecoder<In, Out>: ByteToMessageDecoder, HTTPDecoderDelega
/// - parameters:
/// - leftOverBytesStrategy: The strategy to use when removing the decoder from the pipeline and an upgrade was,
/// detected. Note that this does not affect what happens on EOF (in which case an
/// `ByteToMessageDecoderError.leftoverDataWhenDone` error is fired.)
/// detected. Note that this does not affect what happens on EOF.
public init(leftOverBytesStrategy: RemoveAfterUpgradeStrategy = .dropBytes) {
if In.self == HTTPServerRequestPart.self {
@@ -620,18 +619,16 @@ public final class HTTPDecoder<In, Out>: ByteToMessageDecoder, HTTPDecoderDelega
try self.feedEOF(context: context)
if buffer.readableBytes > 0 {
if seenEOF {
if buffer.readableBytes > 0 && !seenEOF {
// We only do this if we haven't seen EOF because the left-overs strategy must only be invoked when we're
// sure that this is the completion of an upgrade.
switch self.leftOverBytesStrategy {
case .dropBytes:
case .fireError:
} else {
switch self.leftOverBytesStrategy {
case .dropBytes:
case .fireError:
case .forwardBytes:
case .forwardBytes:
return .needMoreData
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ extension HTTPDecoderTest {
("testDoesNotDeliverLeftoversUnnecessarily", testDoesNotDeliverLeftoversUnnecessarily),
("testHTTPResponseWithoutHeaders", testHTTPResponseWithoutHeaders),
("testBasicVerifications", testBasicVerifications),
("testErrorFiredOnEOFForLeftOversInAllLeftOversModes", testErrorFiredOnEOFForLeftOversInAllLeftOversModes),
("testNothingHappensOnEOFForLeftOversInAllLeftOversModes", testNothingHappensOnEOFForLeftOversInAllLeftOversModes),
("testBytesCanBeForwardedWhenHandlerRemoved", testBytesCanBeForwardedWhenHandlerRemoved),
("testBytesCanBeFiredAsErrorWhenHandlerRemoved", testBytesCanBeFiredAsErrorWhenHandlerRemoved),
("testBytesCanBeDroppedWhenHandlerRemoved", testBytesCanBeDroppedWhenHandlerRemoved),
@@ -594,24 +594,14 @@ class HTTPDecoderTest: XCTestCase {
decoderFactory: { HTTPRequestDecoder() }))

func testErrorFiredOnEOFForLeftOversInAllLeftOversModes() throws {
func testNothingHappensOnEOFForLeftOversInAllLeftOversModes() throws {
class Receiver: ChannelInboundHandler {
typealias InboundIn = HTTPServerRequestPart

private let errorReceivedPromise: EventLoopPromise<ByteToMessageDecoderError>
private var numberOfErrors = 0

init(errorReceivedPromise: EventLoopPromise<ByteToMessageDecoderError>) {
self.errorReceivedPromise = errorReceivedPromise

func errorCaught(context: ChannelHandlerContext, error: Error) {
self.numberOfErrors += 1
if self.numberOfErrors == 1, let error = error as? ByteToMessageDecoderError {
} else {
XCTFail("illegal: number of errors: \(self.numberOfErrors), error: \(error)")
XCTFail("unexpected error: \(error)")

func channelRead(context: ChannelHandlerContext, data: NIOAny) {
@@ -629,24 +619,14 @@ class HTTPDecoderTest: XCTestCase {

for leftOverBytesStrategy in [RemoveAfterUpgradeStrategy.dropBytes, .fireError, .forwardBytes] {
let channel = EmbeddedChannel()
let errorReceivedPromise: EventLoopPromise<ByteToMessageDecoderError> = channel.eventLoop.makePromise()
var buffer = channel.allocator.buffer(capacity: 64)
buffer.writeStaticString("OPTIONS * HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: L\r\nUpgrade: P\r\nConnection: upgrade\r\n\r\nXXXX")

let decoder = HTTPRequestDecoder(leftOverBytesStrategy: leftOverBytesStrategy)
XCTAssertNoThrow(try channel.pipeline.addHandler(ByteToMessageHandler(decoder)).wait())
XCTAssertNoThrow(try channel.pipeline.addHandler(Receiver(errorReceivedPromise: errorReceivedPromise)).wait())
XCTAssertNoThrow(try channel.pipeline.addHandler(Receiver()).wait())
XCTAssertNoThrow(try channel.writeInbound(buffer))
XCTAssertNoThrow(XCTAssert(try channel.finish().isClean))

switch Result(catching: { try errorReceivedPromise.futureResult.wait() }) {
case .success(ByteToMessageDecoderError.leftoverDataWhenDone(let buffer)):
XCTAssertEqual("XXXX", String(decoding: buffer.readableBytesView, as: Unicode.UTF8.self))
case .failure(let error):
XCTFail("unexpected error: \(error)")
case .success(let error):
XCTFail("unexpected error: \(error)")

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