What does it look like

GuardRails in your pull request

What is GuardRails

GuardRails is a GitHub app that provides security feedback in your pull requests.

What to expect

We will post comments on your pull requests when our engines detect a security issue. Our engines perform a variety of checks. They have been tuned to keep the noise low and only report high-impact issues.

Language Support

Currently, we rolled out our JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Solidity and Secrets engines. We are also hard at work delivering our Go and Java engines. If you are looking for a language that we do not support at the moment, please drop us a line at

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please reach out to us by email or directly on Twitter. Thanks for trying GuardRails!


GuardRails is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

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