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Reporting and data retrieval app for Open edX.

TBD Q3 2021 - Figures release 0.4 "Official"

Most recent release: "0.4.dev16" on August 11, 2021

Figures is iterating through "" development releases on the way to an official 0.4 release.

The Figures releases support Open edX Juniper, Hawthorn, and Ginkgo

  • The reason for "dev" (development) instead of "rc" (release candidate) is that the 'dev' label lets us be free to make breaking changes, whereas an "rc" label is about making sure a release is stable for general community use
  • Appsembler deploys "" releases to Tahoe production and Figures is used by our customers. This is similar to how Open edX deploys "master/main" to "" then creates named releases
  • Most of the ongoing work is in the following areas
    • Improving the daily pipeline tasks for accuracy, reliability, and performance
    • Improving API performance
    • Bug fixing

Please visit Figures releases page for details on specific releases.

30 Oct 2020 - Figures release 0.3.19

26 Oct 2020 - Figures release 0.3.18

16 Oct 2020 - Figures release 0.3.17

28 Sep 2020 - Figures release 0.3.16

11 Sep 2020 - Figures release 0.3.15

24 Aug 2020 - Figures release 0.3.14

14 Aug 2020 - Figures release 0.3.13

15 Jul 2020 - Figures release 0.3.12

29 Jun 2020 - Figures release 0.3.11

21 May 2020 - Figures release 0.3.10

24 Apr 2020 - Figures release 0.3.9

  • Updated UI, MAU fix, style fixes, label changes
  • Added site monthly metrics scheduled tasks to fill last month's MAU
  • Added Django Debug Toolbar to devsite

10 Apr 2020 - Figures release 0.3.8

  • Performance improvement to "Site Monthly Metrics" active users endpoint

8 Apr 2020 - Figures release 0.3.7

  • Updated UI to improve performance and usability
  • Added "Course Monthly Metrics" set of API endpoints

16 Feb 2020 - Figures release 0.3.6

  • Updated UI to address performance issues
  • Added missing organizations to devsite settings INSTALLED_APPS

20 Feb 2020 - Figures release 0.3.5

Client (UI and API) facing updates

  • Site Monthly Metrics pipeline and new API endpoints
  • Added Course MAU metrics API endpoint and pipeline
  • Added user email address to general user data
  • Bug fix - URL pattern fix for figures/

Developer facing updates

  • Updated Django micro version to Figures devsite
  • Added missing .env file for Makefile support
  • Added Pylint to testing
  • Refactored permissions module

29 Jan 2020 - Figures release 0.3.4

  • Hawthorn support since release 0.3.0
  • This release includes bug fixes, UI improvements, and backport support for Ginkgo
  • Includes a standalone development mode. See the developer quickstart guide


Figures is a reporting and data retrieval app. It plugs into the edx-platform LMS app server. Its goal is to provide site-wide and cross-course analytics that compliment Open edX's traditional course-centric analytics.

To evolve Figures to meet community needs, we are keeping in mind as principles the following features, which Jill Vogel outlined in her lightweight analytics post on ed Xchange:

  • Real time (or near real time) updates
  • Lightweight deployment
  • Flexible reporting
  • Simpler contributions

Please refer to the Figures design document for more details on goals and architecture.


For all Open edX releases:

  • Python (2.7)

For Hawthorn:

  • Django (1.11)

For Ginkgo:

  • Django (1.8)


NOTICE: Installation instructions are out of date and backlogged for update


Go here for instructions to install and run Figures in devstack.


Go here for instructions to install Figures in production.

Project Architecture


The Figures user interface is a JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) built with React and uses the create-react-app build scaffolding generator.


The Figures back-end is a reusable Django app. It contains a set of REST API endpoints that serve a dual purpose of providing data to the front-end and to remote clients.


TODO: Improve the testing instructions

The unit tests should be able to run on any OS that supports Python 2.7.x

Clone the repo:

Go to the project directory:

cd figures

Create a virtualenv for Python 2.7.x.

Install required Python packages:

pip install -r devsite/requirements.txt

From the figures repository root directory:


If all goes well, the Figures unit tests will all complete succesfully


  • Open edX "Hawthorn" will provide a plug-in architecture. This will hopefully simplify Figures installation even more
  • Downloadable report files
  • Plugin architecture to extend Figures for custom data sources

How to Contribute

TODO: Add details here or separate CONTRIBUTING file to the root of the repo

Reporting Issues

If you find bugs or run into issues, please submit an issue ticket to the Figures issue tracker on Github.

Reporting Security Issues

Please do not report security issues in public. Please email