Creating, installing, and running your Warclight application

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Getting started: creating a new Warclight app

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Note: Setting up a development and production environment for Warclight is outside the scope of this document. Checkout for help in installing Ruby, Git, and Rails.

To create your Warclight application, you can start by running the Warclight generator:

# switch out "my-app" for the location you want to install the application to
rails new my-app -m

This will create a new Warclight application in a directory my-app and it takes a few minutes.

Install your application's dependencies

Next, change directory into the new application's directory and install the Ruby dependencies.

cd my-app
bundle install

Warclight uses Apache Solr for search. To quickly setup Solr for your Warclight instance, install the solr_wrapper gem.

gem install solr_wrapper

Starting the server

To start the server, after installing the gem you can run the solr_wrapper command from the applications directory.

Starting Solr 6.6.0 on port 8983 ...

Solr is now running!

To run your Warclight application you will need to open up a new terminal session (because we want to keep the Solr server running).

# make sure to cd back to your application
cd my-app

You can then run the Warclight rails application using the following command:

rails s

By default, the Warclight application will be accessible at http://localhost:3000/. The server can be stopped by pressing CTRL+c

Upgrade your Warclight

To upgrade your Warclight application when a new version of Warclight is released:

bundle update
rails generate warclight:update
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