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Arduino IDE 2.x

Arduino IDE

This repository contains the source code of the Arduino IDE 2.x. If you're looking for the old IDE, go to the repository of the 1.x version.

The Arduino IDE 2.x is a major rewrite, sharing no code with the IDE 1.x. It is based on the Theia IDE framework and built with Electron. The backend operations such as compilation and uploading are offloaded to an arduino-cli instance running in daemon mode. This new IDE was developed with the goal of preserving the same interface and user experience of the previous major version in order to provide a frictionless upgrade.


You can download the latest release version and nightly builds from the software download page on the Arduino website.


If you need assistance, see the Help Center and browse the forum.

Bugs & Issues

If you want to report an issue, you can submit it to the issue tracker of this repository.

See the issue report guide for instructions.


If you think you found a vulnerability or other security-related bug in this project, please read our security policy and report the bug to our Security Team 🛡️ Thank you!

e-mail contact:

Contributions and development

Contributions are very welcome! There are several ways to participate in this project, including:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Beta testing
  • Translation

See the contributor guide for more information.

See the development guide for a technical overview of the application and instructions for building the code.


This open source code was written by the Arduino team and is maintained on a daily basis with the help of the community. We invest a considerable amount of time in development, testing and optimization. Please consider donating or sponsoring to support our work, as well as buying original Arduino boards which is the best way to make sure our effort can continue in the long term.


The code contained in this repository and the executable distributions are licensed under the terms of the GNU AGPLv3. The executable distributions contain third-party code licensed under other compatible licenses such as GPLv2, MIT and BSD-3. If you have questions about licensing please contact us at