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* legacy: refactored ErrorfWithLogger function

Now is no longer needed, this function was basically made for
arduino-builder to allow transfering the error to the IDE, BTW the
correct fix must be made inside arduino-builder (to actually let him
push the error in the logger).

* Renamed legacy ctx fields ExecStdout/ExecStderr to Stdout/Stderr

* Removed empty Lint() function

* Removed dependency on i18n.Logger

* Removed no more used i18n.Logger \o/ \o/

* Simplified i18n.Init function

* legacy: builder default output on os.Stdout/os.Stderr

* legacy: updated integration tests for slightly different output of builder

* Use positional parameter for most translated string

This will make easier to transfer translations from the Arduino IDE 1.8

* Added note to

* Updated

* Removed extra blank line in library detection recap

* Update docs/

Co-authored-by: per1234 <>

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Arduino CLI is an all-in-one solution that provides Boards/Library Managers, sketch builder, board detection, uploader, and many other tools needed to use any Arduino compatible board and platform from command line or machine interfaces.

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Note: this software is currently under active development: anything can change at any time, API and UI must be considered unstable until we release version 1.0.0.


For guidance on installation and development, see the User documentation.


  1. Install the Arduino CLI
  2. Follow the Getting Started guide to check out what the CLI can do
  3. Browse the Commands reference to see all the available commands
  4. Should you have an issue, read the FAQ page

How to contribute

Contributions are welcome!

Please read the document How to contribute which will show you how to build the source code, run the tests, and contribute your changes to the project.

Thanks to all our contributors!

Beta testing

Nightly builds are available for beta testing.


If you think you found a vulnerability or other security-related bug in the Arduino CLI, please read our security policy and report the bug to our Security Team 🛡️ Thank you!

e-mail contact:


Arduino CLI is licensed under the GPL 3.0 license.

You can be released from the requirements of the above license by purchasing a commercial license. Buying such a license is mandatory if you want to modify or otherwise use the software for commercial activities involving the Arduino software without disclosing the source code of your own applications. To purchase a commercial license, send an email to