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Initial Configuration

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You've successfully uploaded the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware to your module.

  1. Connect to (AC) power (Serial NOT connected)
  2. If your WiFi was not set prior compile as described in Upload section, configure Wifi by using one of the provided configuration modes: Button Usage or use WPS if your router supports it.
  3. Connect to the device webpage (http://[device-ip]/cn) NOTE: Replace [device-ip] with actual IP address of your device.
  4. Select the correct module type from the configuration frontend. If your device is not listed, a user contributed device template (explanation) may be available. If a template is not available, follow the procedure for configuring new devices.
  5. Configure MQTT: broker connection, choose a unique topic (e.g. "sonoff-kitchenlight")
  6. Test communication with the MQTT client of your choice
  7. Integrate with the Control interface or home automation solution of your choice
  8. Test your device for some time at the intended maximum intensity, check for overheating and if necessary, apply some limits in your home automation solution.
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