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Allow outer context to access arbitrary URLs #11217

cburgmer opened this Issue · 1 comment

Accessing arbitrary domains from PhantomJS' outer context is currently only possible through a dirty workaround (e.g. For sandboxed webpages this is however easily doable by passing --web-security=no to phantom on the console.

I believe that the outer context should be able to access any resources without restrictions, similar to e.g. Node.js.

Relevant discussion in the phantomjs group:!topic/phantomjs/Kb06DuqIoxw

@Vitallium Vitallium was assigned

@Vitallium and I are looking into this.

@Vitallium Vitallium referenced this issue from a commit in Vitallium/phantomjs
@Vitallium Vitallium Allow outer context to access arbitrary URLs
To grant universal access to a web page
attribute "WebSecurityEnabled" must be applied during the initializing
security context for Document instance. Setting up it later will not cause any effect
See <qt\src\3rdparty\webkit\Source\WebCore\dom\Document.cpp:4468>

Issue: ariya#11217
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