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JuniEmu is an emulator interface designed for ARM 32-bit.

JuniEmu is using Unicorn framework for emulation, Capstone disassembly framework and Python's standard GUI package - Tkinter.

The goal of the project was to visually emulate (single step, breakpoint, memory view\edit) raw ARM binaries (bootloaders, embedded firmware, standalone functions, etc).


  • Single steeping and breakpoint support
  • Memory view and edit
  • Registers view and edit
  • Instruction highlighting

Commandline cmd

help - print help

d <addr> - dump memory to current view windows e.g. d 0x1030

u <addr> - unassemble address or register e.g. u pc, u 0x1030, u 0x1031 (disasm 0x1030 in Thumb mode)

bp <addr> - set breakpoint

bc <addr> - clear breakpoint

bl - list breakpoints

r <register> <value> - change register value e.g. r r0 0x101

rr - print registers

? - calc expression

dump <addr> <range> "PATH" - dump memory range to a file e.g. dump 0x1030 100 "/Users/bob/Desktop/dump.bin"


  • How to change program counter register to e.g. 0x1030 (ARM mode) ?

r pc 0x1030

  • How to change program counter to e.g. 0x1030 (Thumb mode) ?

To switch into thumb mode provide unaligned address (add +1 to the destination address)

r pc 0x1031


  • Not tested with Python 3
  • Not fully tested on Windows, MacOS
  • Input server will freeze the UI until until receiving bytes from the client

Dependencies (Python bindings)