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math live


A Web Component for Math Input

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  • A Web Component, easy to integrate in your project, regardless of the framework you use, or even if you just use plain JavaScript
  • Edit math formulas with an easy to use interface
  • Beautiful, TeX-quality typesetting: over 800 built-in LaTeX commands
  • Designed for mobile devices with an extensive set of virtual keyboards for math input
  • Compatible with screen readers, and includes custom math-to-speech support for improved accessibility
  • Output to LaTeX, MathML, ASCIIMath and MathJSON (Abstract Syntax Tree) formats
  • And it is easy to customize to your needs!

Reference documentation and guides at

Try it at

The popover panel A Virtual Keyboard
The Loop Equation

Using MathLive

To add a mathfield element to your page use a <math-field> tag.

It works just like a <textarea> or <button> element. You can manipulate the mathfield using methods of the element and listen for events to be notified when its internal state changes.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
    <script src=""></script>


Quick Start
Quick introduction to using MathLive in your project
Interact with a mathfield
Receive input and change the value of a mathfield
Customize a mathfield
Adapt the behavior and appearance of a mathfield to your needs
Execute commands
Send editing commands to a mathfield
Define custom LaTeX macros
Extend the LaTeX commands supported
Manage inline and keyboard shortcuts
Add or modify editing keyboard shortcuts
Control speech output
A mathfield can provide speech feedback to interact with it.
Display static math formulas
Display non-editable math formulas in your page
Define custom virtual keyboards
Customize or create new virtual (on-screen) keyboards

Getting Started
Everything you need to integrate the MathLive library to your project
MathLive SDK
Reference documentation of the MathLive API

Related Projects

MathJSON (on GitHub)
A lightweight data interchange format for mathematical notation.
Compute Engine (on GitHub)
The CortexJS Compute Engine performs calculations on MathJSON expressions
Cortex (on GitHub)
Cortex is a programming language for scientific computing

Contact Us


This project is licensed under the MIT License.