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Coronavirus surface details

Wolfram Language code and notebooks related to the coronavirus outbreak

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Twitch live streams:

Wolfram Data Repository (datasets):

Posts on the Wolfram Community:

Index to notebooks

file description
Electron-microscope-image.nb imports an image of a cell surrounded by multiple coronoviruses
ExternalIdentifier-Coronavirus.nb exploration of WikiData topics related to coronavirus
GeoBubbleChart-Analysis.nb analysis of virus spread in China itself
Mapping_Wuhan_Coronavirus_in_China.nb notebook from Joffre's community post
Patient-Medical-Data-Analysis.nb analysis on patient medical data
ResourceData-Objects.nb utility notebook to get the latest resource data object related to coronavirus
TimeSeries-Analysis.nb time series analysis of epidemic data
Twitter-Analysis.nb analyses mentions on twitter of 'coronavirus'; makes a wordcloud
WHO-situation-reports.nb imports PDF files as images
bno-scraping-code.nb data scraping from BNO website
cdc-media-images.nb imports of CDC public domain images
china-geographics.nb geographical plots for Chinese provinces
coronavirus-3d-models.nb 3d protein models related to coronavirus
coronavirus-plots.nb various coronavirus related plots and images
dna-graphs.nb analyse fasta sequence as 3d graphs
fasta-sequences.nb GenBank sequence analysis
genbank-sequence.nb GenBank sequence analysis
geographical-data.nb notebook to create the animation for the global spreading of the virus
github-repos.nb analysis of coronavirus github repos


Hospital capacity

Hospital capacity

Province graph

Province graph

Animation of global spread of Coronavirus

Animation of global spread of Coronavirus

Confirmed cases

Plot of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus

Plot of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus

Log plot of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus

Log plot of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus

Confirmed cases for 2/4/2020:

Confirmed cases for 2/4/2020


Image of Coronavirus

Another image of Coronavirus

GitHub topic wordcloud for Coronavirus:

Image of GitHub topic wordcloud

3D Models

Protease ribbon (source:

Image of protease ribbon

Protease surface (same source):

Image of protease surface


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