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NFT Contracts by Buildship

Hardhat Tests

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This is a collection of smart-contracts that help you to launch your own 10k-avatar collection like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club or Pudgy Penguins.

Made by If you can't code, use our simple web-app to deploy!

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most of the features are in production already, however this doesn't guarantee any security. Unreleased and speculative code is located in contracts/experiments directory.

Features include:


  • Limited supply
  • Mint N tokens in one transaction
  • Generative art
  • Lazy Mint – buyers pays for mint
  • Manually start/stop sale
  • Reserve X tokens for team or community
  • Deployed by Factory using Clones
  • Supports NFTExtension to upgrade mint and tokenURI functions


  • Same features as ERC721CommunityImplementation
  • Import and inherit in your own projects
contract MyPFPNFT is ERC721CommunityBase {

    constructor() ERC721CommunityBase(
        0.1 ether, // public mint price, you can change later
        10000, // total supply
        100, // reserved
        20, // max mint per transaction
        0, // royalty fee
        "ipfs://Qm/", // baseURI
        "Bored Ape Yacht Club", 
        false // should start at 1 or at 0?
    ) {}



A copy of ERC721CommunityImplementation without any mention of Buildship. It's used as a base interface for Buildship Fuelpass subscribers (

colordiff contracts/ERC721CommunityImplementation_.sol contracts/ERC721CommunityImplementation.sol


  • Can be added to main NFT using addExtension
  • Support changing mint and tokenURI functions

How to use:


npm i
touch .mnemonic
node scripts/generate_mnemonic.mjs
vim .mnemonic # input generated mnemonic

cp .env.example .env
vim .env # input your keys


When you change something, run:

npx hardhat compile

Then, to test your code:

npx hardhat test

Checking different versions of ERC721CommunityImplementation:

colordiff contracts/ERC721CommunityBase.sol contracts/ERC721CommunityImplementation.sol --context=1
colordiff contracts/ERC721CommunityBase_ERC1155.sol contracts/ERC721CommunityBase.sol --context=1

Deploy to production

You can deploy using Hardhat. Refer to Hardhat scripts and console guides for deployment.

However, we also support deploying with your Metamask:

Upload to IPFS for Frontend Deploy

Instead of deploying from your local machine, you can compile and send it for deployment from the Buildship web app.

hh upload contracts/Greeter.sol --args '"hello","bar"'

It needs network selection to run, but it doesn't matter which you use. You can run with development network.

In the end, you get IPFS hash to the uploaded bytecode. Use in on[]


Thanks to for providing free access to their platform to host our docs!

ERC721A for their mint-optimized ERC721

Our contributors

Buildship users who have given us their trust and used our code on mainnet, already processing >5M$ in total volume and >35,000 NFT minted!