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Modern, powerful, hackable backend & API testing toolkit. Load testing & functional testing. HTTP,, WebSockets, Kinesis, HLS etc.
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Artillery is a modern, powerful, easy-to-use load-testing toolkit. Artillery has a strong focus on developer happiness & ease of use, and a batteries-included philosophy. Our goal is to help developers build faster, more resilient and more scalable applications.


  • Multiple protocols: Load test HTTP, WebSocket,, Kinesis, HLS and more.
  • Scenarios: Support for complex scenarios to test multi-step interactions in your API or web app (great for ecommerce, transactional APIs, game servers etc).
  • Load testing & Functional testing: reuse the same scenario definitions to run performance tests or functional tests on your API or backend.
  • Performance metrics: get detailed performance metrics (latency, requests per second, concurrency, throughput).
  • Scriptable: write custom logic in JS, using any of the thousands of useful npm modules.
  • Integrations: statsd support out of the box for real-time reporting (integrate with Datadog, Librato, InfluxDB etc).
  • Extensible: write custom reporters, custom plugins, custom protocol engines etc.
  • and more! HTML reports, nice CLI, parameterization with CSV files.

  • Enterprise: Use Artillery Pro to run large-scale distributed tests from your own AWS account, integrate with CI/CD easily, test SOAP services, extra authentication methods (SSL client auth, NTLM).
  • For training, custom integrations, and performance consulting services see our professional services page.

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Use Cases

  • Peak traffic testing - ensure your e-commerce backend, IoT service or web API can handle max traffic
  • Pre-launch load testing - for new websites, mobile app backends, web APIs etc
  • Continuous performance testing for new microservices as they are being built
  • Preventing performance regressions - stop performance regressions due to new code or config changes before they are shipped to users.
  • Help profile & debug common issues such as extensive GC pauses, memory leaks, improperly configured resource pools etc

Getting Started With Artillery

👉  Artillery Getting Started Guide

Using Artillery?

Are you using Artillery to ship faster, more resilient and more scalable systems? Add your team to the Artillery users list on the wiki.


Artillery is open-source software distributed under the terms of the MPLv2 license.

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