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Concord is a Laravel Extension that helps building Modules for Laravel Applications on top of Laravel's built in Service Providers.

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Concord at first is a Laravel 6.x - 8.x package. It also offers some conventions that help you to better structure complex systems.

Version Compatibility

Laravel Concord
5.4 1.0 - 1.3
5.5 1.0 - 1.8
5.6 1.1 - 1.8
5.7 1.3 - 1.8
5.8 1.3 - 1.8
6.x 1.4+
7.x 1.5+
8.x 1.8+


Modular Architecture is exactly what you think it is - a way to manage the complexity of a problem by breaking them down to smaller manageable modules. -- Param Rengaiah

Concord itself (this library) manages the modules.

Concord modules are isolated fractions of the business logic, built around a single topic.

There are two kinds of modules from the usage perspective:

  • in-app modules,
  • external modules.

Concord is not aware of this difference at all, but they represent two different approaches of modularization.

In-app Modules

  • They are part of the application's codebase;
  • are located in app/Modules/<ModuleName>;
  • being decoupled is a less strict requirement;
  • code reuse and customization is not an aspect.

External Modules

  • They are libraries,
  • are typically managed with composer, thus they live in the vendor/ folder;
  • should be as decoupled as possible;
  • contain basic or boilerplate functionality for applications;
  • they are designed to be used by multiple, different applications;
  • their behavior is subject to customization in the application.

Either module types are always coupled to Laravel and Concord;


Refer to the Installation Section of the Documentation.

Create Your First Module

php artisan make:module ShinyModule

This will create a very basic in-app module in the app/Modules/ShinyModule folder.

In order to activate the module add it to the config/concord.php file:

return [
    'modules' => [


See the Concord Documentation for all the nasty details ;)

Plans For Version 2.0

  • Artisan Console command names will be de-branded (eg. concord:modules -> module:list)
  • The central config/concord.php file will be eliminated, or split:
    • modules can specify their own config file name (like normal Laravel packages);
    • therefore several modules can share config files (see vanilo.php);
    • if we keep concord.php, then it'll contain concord specific settings.
  • Modules will be loaded as normal packages, using auto-discovery instead of listing modules with concord.
  • Custom names for service providers eg. CartServiceProvider instead of ModuleServiceProvider.
  • Question to the prior item is how to do the same with in-app modules.
  • Re-think the concept of boxes vs. modules.
  • Remove surplus items from Documentation.
  • Remove helpers (?).
  • Remove custom view namespace support.
  • Will we ever use Controller overriding?
  • Add make:request, make:model, make:enum commands that scaffold with interface, proxy etc.
  • Fix AddressType -> address_type kind of style problem in route parameters


Laravel extension for building modular applications where modules are decoupled, re-usable and easily customizable





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