Allowing to export single or selected frames as png #1080

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When I save as a png I usually get this prompt:


Sometimes I only need frame 42, or frames tagged "jump", or an arbitrary numerical frame range.
This results in me having to export a lot of pngs only to delete most of them.

It would be nice to have a third button "Select Range" or something like that which would open another context window where you could either select a tag, or a starting and ending frame.
In case only one frame is selected that way (e.g. start: 1 end: 1) the image shouldn't be saved with the numerical suffix, otherwise the notice could be shown once more to make sure the user sees how many frames he's exporting, preventing possible accidental error.

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hepari commented May 12, 2016

I would like to suggest the following:
If you check a 'Include Tags into file name' option in the save dialogue, magic happens:

Frames are saved as "Filename-Frametag-Number.png"


If you have these frametags, and you set the filename as 'Monster', You would get
"Monster-Idle-01.png", "Monster-Idle-02.png", "Monster-Idle-03.png"...
"Monster-AttackA-01.png", "Monster-AttackA-02.png", "Monster-AttackA-01.png"...

This would make exporting frames really a lot easier.


dacap commented May 12, 2016

Hi @hepari, actually that can be done but using the command line interface:

hepari commented May 12, 2016

Oh thanks @dacap, but I have been trying using CLI with no luck so far. Nothing ever happens! The cli just runs without exporting anything.

This is the last code I've written up.

@set ASEPRITE="D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Aseprite\aseprite.exe"
%ASEPRITE% -b EyeballB1.ase --save-as \output0\frame01.png
%ASEPRITE% -b --frame-tag "Idle" EyeballB1.ase --save-as EyeballB1-Idle01.png
%ASEPRITE% -b --frame-tag "AttackA" EyeballB1.ase --save-as EyeballB1-AttackA01.png

Could you look into this and see what I may be doing wrong? I know you have better things to do than babysit me, but I would appreciate your help very much.


dacap commented May 12, 2016

Can you try:

%ASEPRITE% -b EyeballB1.ase --save-as output0\frame01.png
%ASEPRITE% -b EyeballB1.ase --filename-format "{title}-{tag}{tagframe01}.{extension}" --save-as EyeballB1.png

hepari commented May 12, 2016

@dacap It worked! Thank you so much! I was about to export and rename them all by hand...

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dacap commented Sep 5, 2016

I'll be seeing this issue soon, I think some options like:

  1. All frames
  2. Selected frames
  3. Active frame
  4. Frame tag

dacap commented Sep 5, 2016

The only problem I see with this issue is that there will be several alternatives (even more with the next v1.2-beta2 that will allow selection of non-adjacent frames), some examples:

  1. Save all frames with names filename1.png, filename2.png, etc.
  2. Save selected frames or frame tag with filename1.png, filename2.png, etc. or with the specific number (e.g. if we select frame 3, 6, and 9, then we would like to save filename3.png, filename6.png, filename9.png, instead of filename1.png, filename2.png, filename3.png). We can avoid this second case just for simplicity, so frames will be always saved sequentially from the first filenameN.png, to filenameN+1.png, etc.
  3. Active frame should be saved with the specific given filename (or maybe we want to export just the current frame without worrying about the active frame number). So if we are in frame 3 and press "save active frame" it just update the filename3.png, and if we are in frame 5, it updates filename5.png, etc.

dacap commented Sep 17, 2016



dacap commented Sep 17, 2016

This will be available in the next v1.2-beta2

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Dairnon commented May 29, 2017

Has this been added yet? I'm on the newest version and don't see it. And I believe were on 1.2-beta9 or something now

Yes, it's in save copy as.

Dairnon commented May 29, 2017

It be nice to be able to export "all" tags so that it exports all tag related stuff separately.


dacap commented May 29, 2017

@Dairnon actually that's possible using the CLI:

aseprite.exe -b animations.ase --save-as animation-{tag}.gif
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