Simple BPG Image viewer
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Simple BPG Image viewer
This program allows you to view BPG Images.

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Dependencies of the source script (viewer only):


  • large images will be scaled to fit screen area
  • basic support for animated images (zooming, rotating and exporting for animated images are not supported)
  • in Ubuntu 17.10 environment you can try x86 package / x86-64 package.
  • in MS Windows (Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 32/64) environment you can use statically linked x86 package / statically linked x64 package portable version or try the x86 installer / x64 installer.
  • in macOS 10.13 environment you can try x86-64 package (Note: to enable thumbnail generation in Finder you may have to reboot your system).
  • embedded translations: Russian,English
  • thumbnails preview in Nautilus/Thunar (tested Ubuntu/Xubuntu 17.10/17.10 only)
  • thumbnails preview in Dolphin (KDE 5) (tested Kubuntu 17.10) (don't forget to turn on BPG preview in Dolphin settings after package installation)
  • thumbnails preview in Windows Explorer (for Windows Vista or higher)
  • drag & drop support for files and folders

Ubuntu/Xubuntu 17.10 Notes:

  • You may need to run "sudo apt-get -f install" after package installation.

Linux Mint "Rafaela" (Mate) Notes:

  • To enable image thumbnail preview in Thunar you must install additionally thumbler (D-Bus thumbnailing service) and restart Thunar.
  • To enable image thumbnail preview in Dolphin:
    a) install following packages: kfind, baloo, kdebase-apps, kde-runtime
    b) in Dolphin go to Control->General->Previews and enable "BPG image files" then press "Ok"

Hot keys (use 'Cmd' key instead of 'Ctrl' in macOS):

Key Action
F1 help message
Esc close
Ctrl-O open BPG image file
Ctrl-S save a copy of the opened file as a PNG file
Ctrl-C save a copy of the opened file
Ctrl-R rotate 90 degrees clockwise
Ctrl-L rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise
Ctrl-F toggle full screen mode
Ctrl-T toggle 'stay on top' mode
Ctrl-Left,Home jump to the first image in folder
Ctrl-Right,End jump to the last image in folder
+ zoom in (up to 100%)
- zoom out (down to the smallest available size)
* zoom out to fit window area
Left,Up,Right,Down move over the scaled image
PgUp,Backspace,A,S view previous file
PgDown,Return,D,W view next file
Delete delete current file