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Azure Cosmos task list #12086

smitpatel opened this Issue May 21, 2018 · 3 comments


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smitpatel commented May 21, 2018

Note: This issue is to track smaller task items for EFCore.Cosmos.Sql provider. Use #8443 for discussions/questions.

2.2 Preview 1

  • Basic model building
  • Discriminator value by default
  • Enough metadata support for DDL (database can be created, deleted)
  • Query root converted to select expression
  • Translate WHERE
  • Query execution
  • SaveChanges
  • Need to figure out how to build our package using this infrastructure
  • Navigation rewrite handling of owned types needs to be different (no new query roots) #13000

2.2 Preview 2

  • Binding to JSON objects vs. value buffer (necessary for client-evaluating expressions)

2.2 Preview 3

  • Don't map PK to the id property by default, instead map it to a shadow AK and generate a GUID
  • Implement async query execution
  • Figure out sync pipeline for DDL/DML (underlying API is async) #13160
  • ExecutionStrategy support
  • Switch to REST API
  • Preserve unmapped values (in the JSON) for updates
  • Materialize owned entity references and collections
  • Seeding (requires specifying 'id')
  • ToCollection API to map entities to collections explicitly

3.0 Preview 2

  • Switch from REST API to the new SDK, use custom user-agent
  • Set partition key to null by default
  • Remove ToContainer for owned types
  • Add ToProperty to configure the store property name. Empty value deactivates persistence.
  • Create 'id' value from PK values if not set (#13633)
    • Add the discriminator of the root type of it's not part of the key
    • Escape the separator in the values
    • Ensure that we don't generate temporary values for the primary key

3.0 Preview 3

  • Handle value converters
  • Add type mapping
  • Fluent API to configure the store property name for embedded entities

3.0 Preview 4

  • Fluent API to configure discriminator and use it in the convention (allow to remove discriminators for types not sharing a collection)
  • API to configure document collection facets (for partition keys, RU, size)
  • Use the same CosmosClient instance per context configuration
  • Diagnostic events including statistics (query cost, activity id)
  • Basic scalar collection mapping (#14762)
  • IsCosmos ModelBuilder extension method
  • Don't persist key value for the nested entities
  • Preserve unmapped properties for owned collections (#13578)
  • Handle projected owned entities in tracking queries (#13579)
  • Instead of value buffers use a JSON wrapper
  • FromSql support
  • Cache the generated SQL query and evaluate parameter values lazily
  • Deal with missing property values (#13131)
  • Handle partition key in queries and add configuration API
  • Use value comparers for client-eval (Join)


  • Support Column property attribute
  • Perf tests (#14546)
  • Doc comments
  • Samples and documentation (#12892)
  • NotNull annotations and checks
  • Review Internal namespace
  • Product version

Next steps

  • Provide access to unmapped properties (JSON or property bag) / JSON from root entry / JSON entity properties. Allow to plugin a custom JSON serializer by replacing a service.
  • Concurrency only works with ETags, we need to constrain the API that already exists in core level
  • Update/insert batching with Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.BulkExecutor or a sproc
  • Multiple query data consistency using consistency level and session token headers
  • Optimize Find by using 'id'
  • Built-in functions and operators mappings (#13168)
  • Bind more expressions to JObject instead of materializing (group by key selector, etc.)
  • Optimize query SQL (#13159)
  • IN operator optimization (#12635)
  • Translate SelectMany
  • Translate GroupBy
  • API to set default collection facets on model (includes discriminator property)
  • Query types
  • Configure TTL per document
  • Support splitting big entities into several items (2MB limit)
  • User defined functions
  • Support incremental updates (#13559). Allow to specify custom sprocs
  • Support hash and range indexes
  • Support unique keys
  • Spatial types (uses GeoJSON which supports point, polygon and linestring cc @bricelam) and functions and spatial indexes
  • Expose page size and continuation token for paging

Open issues

  • Mapping conditions to determine the entity type besides discriminator
  • Should we add helpers for Cosmos DB's change feed?
  • How should we handle queries that require feed options to execute across partitions?
  • How to handle cross-collection joins: (a) disallow; (b) evaluate in order specified or estimate cardinality (annotation in the model?) and evaluate that one first, get the keys, send to the next query; (c) n+1
  • Should we have CLI options to create/drop database?

@smitpatel smitpatel self-assigned this May 21, 2018

@ajcvickers ajcvickers added this to the 2.2.0 milestone May 21, 2018

@AndriySvyryd AndriySvyryd self-assigned this Aug 14, 2018

@smitpatel smitpatel added query-design and removed query-design labels Sep 1, 2018

@ajcvickers ajcvickers modified the milestones: 2.2.0-preview2, 2.2.0 Sep 11, 2018


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psibernetic commented Sep 15, 2018

Probably don't call my tables Unicorn. 🦄 😄


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divega commented Sep 19, 2018

@psibernetic Yes, we are planning to change that after preview. One possible solution is to name it after the derived DbContext type.


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psibernetic commented Sep 19, 2018

Sounds like a great solution, thanks!

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