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Manipulate Project Files via .NET Cloud REST API

Aspose.Tasks for Cloud offers the ability to manipulate and convert Microsoft Project MPT, MPP, MPX & Oracle Primavera XER, XML, and PrimaveraP6XML files in the Cloud. Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK for Go wraps the REST API to make it easier for the developers to integrate Task Management features in their own cloud-based Go applications.

Feel free to explore the Developer's Guide & API Reference to know all about Aspose.Tasks Cloud API.

MS Project Processing Features

  • Add project assignments or delete project assignments along with their references.
  • Get the project's outline codes by index & get links to all project tasks.
  • Import projects from Primavera DB formats or from databases with the specified connection string.
  • Get UIDs of all projects contained in the file & fetch the required assignment with the project based on UID.
  • Manage project tasks, resource data, calendars & Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Perform risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation and create a report.
  • Create and set project document properties & fetch all or specific existing properties.
  • Get a project's extended attributes, time-scaled data, or recurring info of a specific task.
  • Reschedule project tasks, dates, and other settings.
  • Calculate slacks & recalculate project completion or incompletion work.
  • Fetch a project document in the desired format.
  • Delete project task with its related references & rebuild the task tree.
  • Convert project documents to other formats.
  • Manipulate task data.
  • Manage project's resources.
  • Handle task links & task assignments.
  • Work with project's extended attributes.
  • Read Microsoft Project’s document properties such as start and finish date, tasks scheduling types and so on.
  • Read Microsoft Project’s Calendars and Calendar Exceptions information.

Read & Write Project Data

Microsoft Project MPP, XML, MPT Primavera MPX

Save Project Data As


Enhancements in Version 20.11

  • Support for the batch creation of tasks (i.e. the ability to create multiple tasks in a single API call).

Enhancements in Version 20.8

  • Ability to specify the non-default path for Project Server's PWA URL.
  • Ability to modify timephasedData collection in assignments.

Enhancements in Version 20.6

  • Possibility to render comments when saving as image, HTML or PDF.
  • Option to use username and password to connect Project Online (Server) instead of auth token, incase you don't have it.
  • Ability to add assignments to your project file along with specifying its cost.
  • Quickly adding new tasks to project, when calculation mode is set to automatic.
  • Ability to add project in Microsoft Project Server.
  • Added support of reading shared resource assignments.

Get Started with Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK for .NET

Register an account at Aspose Cloud Dashboard to get you application information. Next, execute Install-Package Aspose.Tasks-Cloud from the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to fetch & reference Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK assembly in your project. If you already have Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK for .NET, execute Update-Package Aspose.Tasks-Cloud to get the latest version. You may alternatively install the package from command line as nuget install Aspose.Tasks-Cloud.

Convert MPP to CSV in the Cloud

// For complete examples and data files, please go to
var remoteName = await UploadFileToStorageAsync("template.mpp");

// SaveOptions parameters is a json-serialized representation of
// Aspose.Tasks's SaveOptions class or its format-specific inheritors (Like CsvOptions, etc):

var saveOptionsSerialized = "{ \"TextDelimiter\":\"Comma\", \"IncludeHeaders\":false,\"NonExistingTestProperty\":false," +
    "\"View\":{ \"Columns\":[{Type:\"GanttChartColumn\",\"Name\":\"TestColumn1\",\"Property\":\"Name\",\"Width\":120}," +

var saveOptions = JObject.Parse(saveOptionsSerialized);

var response = await TasksApi.PostTaskDocumentWithFormatAsync(new PostTaskDocumentWithFormatRequest
    Format = ProjectFileFormat.Csv,
    Name = remoteName,
    Folder = this.DataFolder,
    SaveOptions = saveOptions

Assert.IsTrue(response.Length > 0);
response.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

using (var sr = new StreamReader(response))
    var line1 = sr.ReadLine();
    Assert.AreEqual("Five to Eight Weeks Before Moving,16 days", line1);

Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDKs in Popular Languages

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Product Page | Documentation | API Reference | Code Samples | Blog | Free Support | Free Trial


.NET SDK to communicate with Aspose.Tasks REST API. Create, Edit or Convert Microsoft Project & Oracle Primavera files in the Cloud.





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