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SemApps (from Semantic Applications) is a semantic web toolbox, allowing to create applications compliant with most major semantic web specifications: LDP, SPARQL, ActivityPub, WAC, WebID.

What's in the box ?

We provide tools on several layers:


This is where all the semantic web standards are implemented.

We use the Moleculer micro-service framework to help create modular backends.

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Triple store

We have customized the Jena Fuseki triplestore to make it compliant with the WAC (WebACL) standards.

It is available as a Docker image on Docker Hub

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We are providing many components to ease the development of web applications based on the React-Admin framework.

Our Semantic Data Provider, which eases the communication with a semantic web server (through SPARQL and LDP), can be used with other view engines and frameworks.

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Open-source softwares powered by SemApps

Since SemApps is just a toolbox, products can be built upon it. Here are the main open-source products:

Websites powered by SemApps

Here are some examples of websites made with SemApps:

Feel free to open a PR to add your own website here.

Visit the SemApps' website for more information