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If you're starting up with SemApps, we recommend you look at the next branch, which is more up-to-date and contains the code of the upcoming v0.4 release (currently in alpha)


SemApps means Semantic Apps.

It is a collaborative, interoperable, generic and modular knowledge management system and semantic web application framework, compliant with several specifications: LDP, Solid, SPARQL, ActivityPub, WAC, OIDC.

Based on linked data & semantic web technologies, it allows the co-production of knowledge graphs. Built on open standards, it enables the development of interoperable information systems. Designed on a modular architecture, it gives everyone the opportunity to build and customize platforms on demand. Thanks to its micro-service architecture, it is easy to extend it with your own business logic.

Its code is released under the Apache 2.0 free license.

It uses moleculer for the micro-service framework, and Jena fuseki as triplestore. It is available as a Docker image.

Semapps comes with a default frontend based on React-admin, and some Vuejs and D3.js projects have been developed too on top of semapps, for graph visualisations.

It is being used in the following projects. Try it live at :

More info in the last newsletter.