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This repository is archived. Use it at your own risk. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Note: astropy-helpers is deprecated. As justified and described in APE17, the astropy-helpers infrastructure is no longer used for Astropy coordinated or infrastructure packages, and hence has limited-to-no maintainience from 2021 onwards.

The astropy-helpers package includes many build, installation, and documentation-related tools used by the Astropy project, but packaged separately for use by other projects that wish to leverage this work. The motivation behind this package and details of its implementation are in the accepted Astropy Proposal for Enhancement (APE) 4.

Astropy-helpers is not a traditional package in the sense that it is not intended to be installed directly by users or developers. Instead, it is meant to be accessed when the command is run - see the "Using astropy-helpers in a package" section in the documentation for how to do this. For a real-life example of how to implement astropy-helpers in a project, see the and setup.cfg files of the Affiliated package template.

For more information, see the documentation at