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  • the optional tag lists of the bookmarks in the bookmark overview is a HTML list from now on; was a group of links before and contained a broken link in the case of absent bookmarks (fixed with MLF 2.4.16)
  • the pagination-link-block in the admins userlist was generated even there was no need for it; the block was empty therefore but took the height of one text body line
  • smaller icons and link textes for administration items, long link texts shrinked the icon size


  • a first rework of the upload popup, especially of the list of uploaded images
  • format the search boxes above the user lists, make the elements classes and ids more generic to make them reuseable without further changes
  • unify the output generation for the item names in tables of class .settings (in several forms in the admin panel and the users profile and the user edit page), was either included in a <strong> or of to specific class name .username, now unified as class .item
  • the login and registration forms got formatted
    • enclosed the forms in a section to positioning them independent from the surrounding page
    • adjusted the sizes of the input elements
    • the input for the e-mail-address got the type email
  • remove the em-fallback for the use of the unit rem in case of margins and paddings, all browsers that are relevant for this theme supporting the rem-unit
  • remove the hundreds of occurences od class .d from the tables of class .settings, the structure is consistently one th and one td in a row, no need to select the single td with a class name, use element selector .settings td instead
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