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Additional Templates for My Little Forum 2

Author: H. August,, 2016
License: GPL3, see the file LICENSE

The aim is to have a modern HTML5 template, that is responsive and mobile aware.

The project and testing forum resides under


First attempt to adapt the default theme and to modernise it.


Download the ZIP file from releases page, unzip it and load the directory responsive_1 to your installation of My Little Forum into the directory themes beside the default theme. You as a forum operator can activate it afterwards in the forum settings as the standard theme of your forum, even it is currently not recommended because the theme being under development. Registered users will be able to activate the theme for themself. There is no warranty, that every single function that is provided by the default theme is currently working in this theme.

Currently then main features of the forum are working in this theme. There are a few minor features that are not working, several unfinished formattings and inconsistencies.

Because of the ongoing development it is recommended to activate the theme only for yourself in your user profile form. Be aware that any user of your forum will be able to activate the theme too on her/his own risk (as said before).


An additional, responsive theme for my little forum 2





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